Daily Player, 3580+TP, looking for an Alliance!


Hi, Recruiters!


After five months of membership, my former Alliance no longer exists and I’m not strong enough to be considered for the new 3800+TP Alliance created by one of the former co-leaders.

What I Have:

…3580+, C2P player since 11/2017
…When not raiding, naturally-held trophies vary from 2020 to 2090.
…Daily Player in US Eastern time zone who participates/cooperates with Titans and War
…Mature adult woman with clean, positive, team-supportive attitude & chat
…Have maxed Wu
…Have Line and Discord accounts
…Mills, Mines, Crafting, Training & Tower = L20

What I Seek:

…To make an E&P home with a stable, English speaking, clean-language Alliance with friendly people
…An Alliance that uses an outside chat app to communicate for War and team-building
…Supportive leadership that I can respect and get behind


…Further TP progress is 99% dependent on my three TC20’s giving me useful 5* heroes over time, therefore chances are good that my TP will remain much the same for weeks if not months

All inquiries will be responded to, and I’ll be happy to chat and provide screenshots, so please get in touch at one of the below contact ID’s if interested!

Line ID: quillprime
Discord ID: QuillPrime#9829


Vem pra minha. Top das galaxias


Ice breakers is always looking. We have 90+% attack on titans and looking to improve. We are not a top 100 alliance, but not slackers either. We fight 6-8* titans and you’d probably be around number 10 in our alliance, cup wise. If not, good luck! And sorry about your old alliance


Hi Krystallin. Titan Hunters 10 has some openings. Mostly US and British but everyone that chats is friendly. Currently working on a steady stream of 6* titans and we have pretty good participation in war. Feel free to stop by and try us out. If you don’t feel like you gel with us no worries. We also started a sister alliance that’s a little more casual for fun play and building teams if that’s more your style. All communication is done in game or on FB, but I’m talking to everyone to see if they’re interested in line or discord.


Come join Idle Hands. We are a friendly alliance of mature English speaking like minded individuals who enjoy the game. Currently ranked 515th and are regularly taking down 9* titans. We normally have above 90% participation in both titans and wars. We had 2 spots just open up today.


Magnificent Bastards has room. Discord chat, 7* titans, active war, English speaking. Check us out

Sent you a FR on Discord


Council of Yeen. Role playing, support, friendship, and yes we are on Discord. Sent you a friend request but admittedly, I’m not used to that app yet…lol… we are hitting 6 and 7 star titans and just had our first 8. We employ a war strategy around everyone’s schedule and more importantly, we roll out barrels of Ale, win or lose! No cussing, no shaming but every once in a while, Choxie makes cookies!


Thank you very much for the invite, @JDev! But your Alliance is so strong I’d eventually end up where I was with my former one, since I’m not in a fast-growth phase any longer…meaning hitting 10* & 11* Titans for only 60-100K with 5-6 hits. :disappointed:

Thanks again, and hope you find some great players soon!


No problem Krystallin but if you want to join the invite is there. We have a wide range of players so as long as they are active we are okay with them stalling in their progression. I too am a C2P player and have been stalled around 3500-3600 power for months and that’s ok. Life comes first and we understand that. GL!


Well, yet another alliance to look at: Titan Smash. We are good at hunting 7* Titans, but 8* are at the edge of our abilities. We’ll be glad if you join us and progress with us.


We have an armada of ships where you can always find what you are looking for. The Ironclad fights 7*-8* titans, the Black Pearl fights 9*-10* titans, Monkey Island 7*, Pasargada 6*- 7*, Ship Happens is full at present but is with 6*, and Twisted gull is a learning ship, with 4* or 5* titans. All have the nicest folks around, and ever helpful. We use line to exchange experiences. You can contact me on line if interested. Branwen62

Here is our ad


You can still join our alliance, we are a funny supporting bunch.


Our alliance is “Heroes Guild”, it is a very quiet alliance in which real life is about the game (without pressure).

We are with titans of 8* and 9*.

If you want to take a look and see what you think.


@Pobjaw @BurgerTimer @JDev @NPNKY @Vestibule @SuuriKoira @Branwen @Marauders_minion @jomabesada

Thank you all so much for your offers! I went through each Alliance’s lineup & advertisement (for those that had them), and decided to go with NPNKY at this time (and hopefully for a long time to come).

All the best in finding the perfect fits for your Alliances, everyone! :slight_smile:


thx, for letting us know. Your always welcome to join us.:wink:


Good luck, @Krystallin! Pleasant playing with your new alliance. :slight_smile:


If you are looking for clean hard working players with supportive leadership and a friendly outlook of the game, come find us! We are the Robins Nest, Loads of Mid 3k teams and currently taking down 7* titans but have been known to take an 8* now and again. Absolutely no pressure to buy/spend, only one thing matters, having fun! We are global and do hold our own in the alliance wars so stop by and give us a look! thanks! (Doc)



I picked an Alliance…could you lock this thread? Thank you! :smile:


@ OP’s Request.