Daily login gems

My suggestion is to add a feature that gives you gems for logging in daily and or for watching ads. Continuing the discussion from About the Ideas & Feature Requests category:

I guess that the mystic vision is our daily login bonus :stuck_out_tongue:


Ummmm… what?
Pretty sure this “suggested feature” is already there…


Mystic Vision, dude. It’s already there


Dont forget the chests we fill daily, the vip gems, the gems from titans, etc


We should be able to trade ascension items.


Why can’t I get a frigging compass, I have been playing for months now and can’t seem to get not one compass! It pisses me off!

Are you looking in all these places listed by @General_Confusion

Rare Quests : Approx every 1.5 weeks. One 3* and one 4* guaranteed
Challenge events : Once a month typically three 3* guaranteed for legendary and two 3* guaranteed for epic
Seasonal Events : Once a quarter typically a 3* and 4* guaranteed
Hero and Monster chest : Three a day (2 Monster, 1 Hero). x% (small) chance of 3* or 4*
Elemental (rare) chests : Approx every two week. Two chances of x% (good) of 3* or 4*
Titan Loot : 5 days a week killed. If killed: 3 shots and if escaped: 2 shots at x% (small) chance of 3* or 4*
Titan Chest : Once a week. x% (small) chance of 3* or 4*
Alliance Wars : Once a week. If a win: x% (small) chance for 3* or 4*, if loss %x chance (very small) for 3* and 4*
Alliance War chest : Once every 4.5 weeks. Two chances at x% (good) of 3* or 4*
Atlantis (ascension) Chests : Once every 3 months. Guaranteed 3* or 4*
Mystic Vision : Every Day. x% (very small) chance for 3 or 4 star


Oh thanks, I am quite new in the forums and barely know how it actually works XD thanks for the info!

Have you found a good alliance yet? That’s a great place to get experience and encouragement if you’re finding yourself getting frustrated.


I am in an alliance where I find it funny how 2 star titans just “escape”. I need an alliance where my team mates actually play and motivate each other



Most long term players I know value their alliance above any other part of the game!

Our teaching alliance Guardians Academy is currently full, but you’re welcome to hang in our casual alliance Guardians Paradise until a place is available.

Guardians Reborn is our premier alliance where the members often hit #1 nationally.

Or there’s loads of good places to be found here:


Hi, i’d like to see more ascend items. Is awesome this game.

Yes, this would be really good if we could trade with our alliance members. Or, it would also be good to be able to buy ascension items as sometimes the items you need just don’t turn up.

I like this idea especially if it were a calendar reward system. It would encourage daily logins.

Skulls N Roses + 20 characters duh

I like. That idea…i also have an idea that deals with gems. Why not have an option to sell stuff that is not being used like for example i dont use most of the banners because i do not really see a point when you could be fighting not wasting time boosting stuff. So if you would please consider this since there are people who do not spend money on the gems

Use them on the non-timed levels?

My point was i dont use them period on any part. Im the type of player that just doesn’t use that stuff. I don’t use it on any games i play i would rather fight than use them so thats why i said sell stuff for gems in case there are others like me

Yes it us as I suggested it about 9 or 10 months ago and was told that the Mystic Mission was/is our daily login rewards.


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