Daily grind for recruits


So… As a long time player I have finished the map and my gameplay at the moment consists of grinding out levels to get recruits for training.
The most optimum level I find is 12-9.
At a cost of just 4energy I can get 9-11 recruits plus whatever material comes with.
There is no incentive to grind any of the higher levels as recruits are always around 10,
You do get proportionately more exp and food/iron the higher you go but you pay for that in energy,

I guess what I’m asking is if we could get more recruits as rewards the higher we play, it’s gets so bloody boring playing the same level over and over again,


I agree that the higher the level, the higher all the rewards should be- recruits, items, food iron, exp etc


Agree - higher energy input and greater difficulty should have unambiguously better reward… only possible exception perhaps being some levels offering greater chance of rewarding some individual items. Even that I don’t really buy into, however… I was stuck for ages farming nothing but level 15 for iron ores to replace bear banners consumed in Titan battles.

Reason I prefer higher energy getting better rewards is because it would reduces the necessary no. of battles you need to grind to get the same resources… but at the cost that you can’t blindly automate them (unless you have a stellar team).

I would have thought there’d be some incentive to SG to implement this as the higher map levels will likely require some spend in battle items to survive bad rolls… which keeps the item economy ticking over.


Basically with the 1.6 revamp recruits, hero drops, and troop drops (along with iron / ham but those two were fine back in 1.5 and earlier) didn’t get tweaked while item drops did.

Still better to be in a 3 flag zone, specifically 8-7 or 7-7 (my preference) for recruits, but yeah there’s a lot of repeated time farming.

Someone suggested an autoplay function akin to what’s in Lords Mobile too which would take some of the issue out, but realistically I think SG needs to take a comprehensive look at the distribution for map rewards and likely make some adjustments.