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Hi there!

Isn’t it a nice idea to give gifts to your friends and new people you encounter?

Click on a player’s name and send him a gift.

Gifts can be anything: from ordanary cloth to epic summuning token, from 1 gem to 100 gems, from 1 little green potion to… Whatever you like.

The rules would quite simple: you can give unlimited gifts to everyone, but you can only give 1 person 1 gift a day. In case you are very popular, everyone can open a maximum of 30 gifts a day. Gifts expired after 1 week.

What do you people think?

This would get abused very quickly, especially the gems/EHT. It’s very easy to make a dupe account and get the 300 gems and transfer them over 3 days. Now, multiply that by 30, and that’s 9000 gems in 3 days. I just don’t think SGG would even consider that.

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In that case, maybe 100 gems may be a little too much. But because of the abuse, I would set a maximum of total gifts that can be opened. I say max 30, but 5 is also great, or 10… Yes, you can abuse the system, but profiles can be linked to ip-adress I think. Maybe knowing that, the makers can put a max of 3-5 accounts per ip-adress and that way it will be far more difficult to abuse that. I see a lot of other games that use that kind of friend gift-system, so way can’t we have such a system? :wink: I say it’s all about respect, and those who do not have respect get a ban, refresh of their account,…

Gifting is really just trading by another name imho. It’s a mechanism for passing items from one account to another.

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There are a few simlar suggestions. See below. I’m going to close this noting such but encourage support in the other threads to show increased support.

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