Daily Featured Heroes Challenge

I’ve been trying to think about how to restore some fun in very staled raiding and the following emerged.

How about each day we get randomly generated list of 5 rare heroes, 5 epic heroes and 5 legendary heroes which for the day are ‘featured’.

If you take a featured hero to your offensive raid and win - you get a bonus, let’s say 5 shards. If you stack the featured heroes - the possible bonus increases. If you won with 2 featured heroes - you get 9, with 3 - you get 13, with 4 - 18 and with 5 - 25.

Placing a featured hero in your defense would also create extra 2 shards per hero every time you win on a defense.

Every time you collect 100 shards - you can open an extra chest containing just your general roll %, but also some rarer stuff like event/atlantis/legendary coins, keys, emblems, resource bundles, maybe even some rare avatars etc (be creative! do not make it only as exciting as the regular raid chest that in 99% gives disappointment).

Some considerations:

  • in order to avoid abuses from cup dropping, we’d need to perhaps limit that featured 5 only give points in diamond raid, featured 4 in platinium and diamond, featured 3 in gold, platinium and diamond
  • perhaps some scaling needed in how many shards are generated by featured 5 vs featured 4 vs featured 3 (due to their availability and to add incentive to grind). Or just per tier - i.e in gold you only get 40%, in platinium 70% and in diamond 100% of the shards
  • perhaps cap to maximum of 3 shard chests per day or so… but it can let you sell those raid energy refills easily for those determined. With a cap it could have something neat like guaranted ‘choose your reward’ after each 10 chests opened (similarly to how alkashards work)

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