Daily Diamond Challenge

New Daily Diamond Challenge problem, along with a solution for yesterday’s problem!

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Unlike the previous diamond challenge where a diamond tile can be formed using one move, the 2nd diamond challenge entails 2 moves to form a yellow diamond. I can’t see a single move that will result to a diamond tile formation.

solution(s) will be coming later today, but i will say for now that my intention behind these challenges is to spot the diamond(s) that is (are) already on the board. that is, you won’t need to pray for a 20% chance that a tile you need will come up where you need it; everything you need to form (a) diamond(s) is already on the board, though it may not necessarily be in one move.

new Daily Diamond Challenge!

Today’s puzzle entails two moves to create a purple diamond.

Move the red horizontal match on upper left corner (making sure that the purple tile in between the red tiles go up) to force the purple tiles below it to push up.

At your disposal.


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Thanks, @MuadDib.

Sorry, everyone.


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new Daily Diamond challenge!

This one’s easy.

Match the green tiles on the lower right portion of the board. This will prep you for the yellow diamond tile.

the difficulty will definitely vary. some ones in the future will be pretty simple, but also, you might not see it immediately.

i shouted you out in a different post, Ultra!

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fifth Daily Diamond Challenge!

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Ha!!! It takes 3 moves to create the red diamond.

Match the green, then the purple to prepare the red diamond tile from an L-shaped match.

new Daily Diamond Challenge!

another Daily Diamond as i’m catching up

new Daily Diamond challenge!

Holy diamond in 2 turns. Also possible a blue diamond in 3-4 turns.

catching up: Daily Diamond Challenges 9, 10, 11

now that we’re all caught up: here’s today’s Daily Diamond challenge!

Yep. Red diamond on sight.