Daily challenges question

How many daily challenges was one allowed to miss in order to complete the last tier of the callenge this PoV?

Never before have I missed compleating tier X of this quest and, to my surprise, this time I missed it by a long shot. As the pic below shows, I’ll miss it by 10 challenges…

…thing is, I know I missed one or two daily here and there, but I mostly payed attention to complete them, so, missing it by 10 was a total surprise… was there any margin of error for dailies this PoV, or did we need to compleate all of them to finish tier X?

I found this graphic, but it does not help at all solving my problem…

Tier Daily Tasks Valor Points
1 3 Dailies +50
2 6 Dailies +75
3 7 Dailies +100
4 8 Dailies +150
5 12 Dailies +225
6 15 Dailies +375
7 18 Dailies +550
8 21 Dailies +750
9 27 Dailies +1100
10 ?? Dailies +1625

Tier X (10) is the final tier; Total Daily Challenges = ??? (of 150 total); Total Valor Points = 5,000

As for as this goes, it seems we had a 3 challenges margin, meaning I missed 13 of them… that’s a lot of missed challenges, I don’t know how was it possible to miss so many… is it possible some compleated tasks were not recognized by the game?

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