Daily challenge refresh - Path of Valor

So just now when the daily challenge flipped over to new day me and an alliance member got kicked off the game anybody else have this happen ??? My message read trouble logging in ??? My alliance member got servers full ???

Yes, same here. Just restarted the game and works normaly.

Like this? Same here.

Same “Server full” message here too. Didn’t last long though : 30secs -> 1 min?

Think we might see this quite a few times over the next few days… :slight_smile:

I was attacking the Titan at 8am UTC as the path of Valor refreshed. I got kicked out at the end of the hit. My flag was used. My score is appearing in the “Top Attackers” log, but does NOT show in the “Event Log”

I will be avoiding doing anything 5 minutes either side of 8am UTC

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