Daily Bonus

One thing that would be cool. A daily login bonus. Almost every app based game you play they give you a bonus. I think it would be cool to have that added into the game. :slightly_smiling_face:


Mystic Vision is that kind of reward


I’d like to know what happened to the bonus hero draws. It use to be after summoning 10 hero’s you would get a bonus draws. In the last week I’ve summoned over 90 of them and didn’t receive not one bonus. I think I kept going just to see what would happen like maybe you would get them all together… Now I feel completely cheated

Bonus draws are hotm draws. Completely random. Some players spend 5 bucks and get it. Some players spend hundreds and get it. Some players get it for free.


Mystic vision, titan rewards, chests, vip stuff, all stuff you can get by logging in to the game every day


Yeah maybe I didn’t explain it right but, all of those things are for chance you can go months and months with out getting anything good from any of those. I think it would be cool to say you log in for the next 5 days you get 1 Darts. And then next 5 days it changes to something different. These guys need to do something to increase our odds of getting 4* items. Many many many people have 5* hero’s just sitting there waiting for 4* items. (I’m one of those with 20 5*’s just waiting…) It frustrates people and causes us to loose people.

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That would be really nice, but I can’t imagine to get something for free from this game. Mystic vision is an ad and everything else is THE GAME!!! In a p2p game, nothing is for free.

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Game is supposed to be a grind. If they handed out 4* mats(that are Intentionally hard to get) simply for logging in, it would take away from the game. Not add to it. Game is planned to exist for the next 5 to 8 years.

The slow grind keeps players from getting bored. Makes it so they always have a project to work on, something to grind for, motivation to kill higher titans, fill chests, events, and do rare quests

If they handed out ample amounts of 4* mats, my roster would be maxed and i would be looking for another game. Unfarmable ascension mats used to be much more scarce than they are now. Devs introduced a few improvements and right now i feel like the game is at a happy medium between mats being too easy to get and too rare to get.

I know some people want mats today and not 3 or 4 months from today, but it wouldnt be in their best interest. Any game you can advance rapidly and complete all current objectives or progress in a short amount of time, doesnt hold interest very long. This is an rpg game, it’s supposed to be slow. Look at other games in the genre.


I’m bored because of the slow grind. I know he mentioned 4* mats, but a few diamonds or 3* mats would do it.

You dont have other heros to work on while you wait? You cant add anymore depth to your war teams or see how high you can get in raids or best yourself in titan hits? You dont have any farming you could do to chase craft mats? You already rank #1 in the events without doing any prep work? All of these things can serve as motivation to grind. As well as helping teammates better their rosters or stragies in your free time. Joining line rooms to conversate with other people from the community.

Always more to do, always more to analyze, always a way to keep grinding and getting better even if you hit the ascension wall

Sure, everyday. That’s why I’m bored. It’s fun with my alliance mates. The rest is always the same. It is so annoying to pull 1000 heroes out of the tc’s. Even if after 3 months a 5* arrived I’m like “ok, nice”. To level them up is just time wasting. What is fun about hero leveling? I mean I can’t enjoy all of that because the way is so long and repeats himself over and over again. It was fun to level a 5* up for the first time or to farm 100 times 8/7 but now…


Hmmm have you tried introducing competitions within your alliance?

The biggest part of the boredom for me aswell is autofarming. All the quests are ZERO exciting. Even the rare quests became so boring - the mats for sure are appreciated. A dozen of new quests with special rules (like eggs or pumpkins and sooo many other possible features) and worthfull items should be introduced. Most of the quests are not even worth completing because simply autofarming 8-7 provides more value…

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It’s so nice that you try to help, but don’t worry, I just want to express the feelings of a lot of players. Things have to change so that this game can live for 8 years! :star_struck:


to make autofarming and even raiding more exciting, other alliances have done and still do similar activities:

-see who can beat 8-7 using only 3 heros in their lineup, make it harder by restricting the heros to 3*

-see who can win the most raids color stacking the weak color against the tank(4 yellows against guin for example)

-see who can beat season 1 world map with 3* heros

-see how far you can get in season 2 using only unleveled 4*

Just things of that nature

Place free wagers such as choosing line names, alliance name, or leaving a witty message in the alliance description for x amount of time

Just ideas. We’ve done a few things similar to these, and it can definitely make the game more interesting, challenging, and give you a break from the mind numbing routine of the daily grind

We did this with escaping 12* Titan hitting with only 3*. It was fun indeed :smile:


Reading your post gets my head right again. I’ve been on a long roll of bad random luck and I am frustrated. But you are absolutely correct and more people need to realize if they had everything they wanted there would be nothing left to do and thus Y play anymore :sunglasses:


Man))) funny to read this))) This game only makes you bigger and bigger slave. Or donate more and more, and even moreee money to earn Ascencial materials. In other words: you put a lot of money to get 5*, but that’s not the end))) they made it harder to get ascential materials because they will give you Later promotions with these materials and you will pay for them, because You wasted a lot of time to get them and didn’t get as much as you need to level up heroes)) But the funniest thing will be later. You level up good 5*, but here comes new hero, that is better then your 5*))) Bad heroes wont come)) Noone wants to put money for bad heroes))) So welcome to game)))

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Those are some really good ideas @rigs, I will introduce a few to my lot.

I put this one on the forum with typically impressive results from the player base:


A bit of imagination goes a long way.


The grind of a game is awesome! But when the slow grind to as slow as they have made it in this game it gets very frustrating. I have another RPG I play and it’s not that they give you everything you need to play the game but they give you enough to play the game and have fun. There is no pressure to spend money to get accession items because you know if you don’t buy it now your not going to see it for another 2 months. What I put up above was just an example. They don’t have to make it every 5 days but I think they need to do something more for us to get the items we need. Make it to where we can craft the items, or trade within our alliance. Something has got to give. Because you have people with tons of items and no hero’s to use them on and other with tons of hero’s and no items…