Daemonia, the infinite hero



Now, here it is my humble contribution to this game:
A new hero called Daemonia.
The color of this hero is dark.
It gets mana from all other heroes, while it slows them down.
When the mana is full, the whole board of puzzles gets released.
Maybe my calculations are not quite good, maybe the hero speed should be slow, maybe there should be some other skills/spells, too. I don’t know, you come up with the ideas, here it is my photoshop mod.
The hero is a character made by Carlos Cabrera, but it could be anything else.
I am thinking of a female Thanos, or something like that.


For those interested, I have the photoshop kit, some elements I had to re-build, others I was too lazy to draw them again and I just copied them from a print-screen. If you want the photoshop kit just msg me.


Just wanted to push up the idea again.


I’ve been thinking this kind of hero/item. Item or hero that makes the whole board fly away…