🐙 Dabria – 5* Holy / Yellow from Abyss Hunters

Average reviver :heart_eyes:
Slow healer :thinking:
Slow shield :thinking:

Is a great heroe and I think it isn’t OP. It can be fun :blush:

Edit: Not reduce mana


Hmm I have two Furdinands and just pulled this guy today off some alliance gifted coins. I LOVE Furdinand and have one maxed, and am working on the other.

Thoughts on who’s better on offense? Dabria revives, but I feel Furdinand is better on offense with his cleanse, shared damage, and status ailment reflect. Revive is nice but is probably on defense.

Another average speed reviver that is not green (after Charon, who can technically revive at average speed). Not bad. Probably the star of this portal.

Though weird that after what is essentially death itself - Thanatos - we have another Grim Reapery character whose main schtick is revive/heal/replenish mana. Maybe because it’s Grim Reaper it can also, ehm, “Delay the Inevitable” or even “Reverse the Inevitable”?

“There are only three certainties in life: Death, Taxes, and that you’ll hear the quote about Death and Taxes sooner or later.”


Average mana speed reviving 40% !!! Nice class aswell …plus the other stuff whats not to like.
Def good, def going be used in the top alliances … So prob gonna get a nerf at some point

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after I read his skills. I can’t find where the skill reduces mana?


Second Furdinand without a doubt. There are only 4 priority cleansers in the entire game - Lidenbrock, Aino, Furdinand, and Augustus. Two are slow (Lidenbrock technically average first time charging), so that leaves Furdinand as one of only two average speed priority cleansers. And I’d argue he brings FAR more to the table than Aino, with that shared damage, huge defense buff and status reflect, he basically makes your team unkillable.

For some reason I’ve never been a fan of revivers (even if average speed like Dabria). It always feels like you’re just one step behind, and delaying the inevitable. Plus I guess I don’t like centering my strategy around “if 1 or 2 heroes on my team die, I can always revive them later”.


Mother north to me was always about making people focus on her while your other people did their work. Or ignoring her and then she revives any dead friends and burns them at the end. I would be interested to know the stats behind a team with a reviver vs without. Seems like you hear more people complain about MN but is that just because her competition is so limited? Because it’s more humiliating to lose by dead enemies being revived than it is by a team of big hitters?

Depending on what level you’re playing at the fear of heroes coming back can be a big motivator. I have watched people attack teams I thought looked more challenging because the other option had MN. But is 40% going to be enough to keep the fear alive?

But all that is just for arguments sake. Im with you and flinch every time I put one in on Rush War. Im pretty sure it’s habit at this point. :rofl:

Game well!

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My style too. Same with healers. I never use healer in raid or titan, but in war depending in the rules. I have simple strategy, kill fast and you won’t need reviver ir healer :grin:

But, I always use reviver in Rush. Hence if I would have this new shiny reviver, for sure it would be the new revival in my Rush team.

Happy gaming

Nowhere, I confused with Thanatos :sweat_smile:

That’s same as me, I mainly use revivers on rush. Question is do you think Dabria would replace C. MN on rush? :thinking:

I have been using Zandria the last months, with mixed results. Has been nice ti have a holy hero with Ludwig and Alfrike. But I mentioned, I am not sure if Zandria is good or not.
This one could be a better solution.

Happy gaming


she’s going to be a little tricky to time in offense but the heal and defense up will help.

Actually I feel the same. I was stoked when I got Heimdall, then Alby and then the latter’s costume … but healing boost made easier to prevent death altogether. Maybe it’s my playstyle but I think if you have to revive somebody you’re already doing it wrong. No sniper can kill anybody from 200% HP (yet). And getting boosted HP was problem when all heal boosters were slow, but now we have many that are fast or average (Hathor, Garnet, Zircon, Charon, Arco). Which is why I want Arco so much, because not only he boosts HP at average speed, but generates healthy minions on top that make dying more difficult.

That said Dabria is still great hero I’d like to have, just not completely in line with my playstyle.

Strange it’s revive, I would expect her to resurrect like Marie Therese because she’s an occultist


Had a lot of luck in this portal and I was able to pull Dabria and Hawthorn. Super stoked and happy to get my first 5* reviver. Ive been running no yellow in my war defense, and I will gladly throw her in the mix.

Once I finish leveling Zhang Fei 4.67, she will certainly
my next yellow project and will get fully emblemed / lb.


Not sure if you value the secondary effects enough to spend the mats if it only for rush.

In rush they all go to same speed so % Revive is most important. The secondary effect are a bit different and it is insta-heal vs HoT, with Dabria getting a nice scaling defense up for the team. Is that enough for 6 Darts plus all the other mats to you?

If you run dark tanks she would make a great flank but not to Ludwig (she would fire too quickly and over write her defense up and increasing HoT, so she is designed to do poorly next to Ludwig).

If you were replacing MN in your raid team or something like that then the mana speed would, in my opinion, tip the scale in favor of Dabria.

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Just to clarify I don’t have Dabria but my reply was in response to another post lol. Personally I feel like I would replace regular MN in rush because I don’t like the instaheal before the revive and it’s also just a 10% difference in revive rate. However, I would prefer cMN over Dabria because of the 15% difference in revive and also they both HoT. But I agree with you that she would be more useful in a regular non-rush team just because of her speed and ability to fire off before getting eliminated (which is often MN/cMN’s weakness).


Got it, thought you were asking the question for advice and not as advice. I see it clearly now.



Tested this hero on offensive raids. Definitely can’t act as a primary support healer as she doesn’t offer cleanse and immediate HP gain. However, she does shine as a 2ndary support that can revive or add additional survivability. Overall a great hero, revive at average speed + heal over time can be the last lifeline you need to turn the match around.

Tested with 3-1-1 and 3-2 (1 additional yellow healer).

Will also test on VF war next time as defense next to Alfrike.


This makes perfect sense. From my roster, she will pair really nice with regular Rigard or Ariel. She will fit nicely with my play style since I run 3-1-1 in wars.

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