D Day - In memory for the TROOPS

A suggestion to celabrate D Day (6th of June) by:

  • Give 1* troops +100% xp value
  • Give all other troops +50% xp value
  • Have a lucrative price on ”troop pack” in the ingame shop

Edit: This should only be available during this very day.

As much as I like this (patriotism and all), we are friends now with the nation we stormed the beaches against. It might feel awkward for our German friends in E&P to have this pushed up their nose.

Just looking ahead.


It’s a part of the history. Germans today don’t have to be ashamed at all.

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I’m from Germany and I don’t care much about it. It’s part of wrong historical decisions, good to know what pain they suffered, but hopefully won’t affect our future and our generation can’t help it.

Wars don’t have winners, never.


This. The first post is contains nationalist sentiment. E&P is international.


Ok I tried to find one day per year (at least) where we (players) can get good use of our 1* troops. That was my main intention. If D Day is somehow wrong to remember - then choose another day/reason!

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In that case, I think an Troop XP Harvester item would do the job and be much more flexible than a specific day :slightly_smiling_face:

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