Czech czech DOBRODRUZI 5 free spots!

czech DOBRODRUZI czech
Czech alliance, but we can speak english! DOBRODRUZI means ADVENTURERS!

Looking for 5 E&P fanatics, who love to hit titans and fight in alliance wars!
Currently hitting 11-12* beasts.
We are well organised. Discord is a must!
Minimum player level: 50
Minimum defense team power: 4400

Any questions? Don´t hesitate to ask!

Zrovna pozeram na vas “player’s roster” vy to hrate vazne “naplno” :slight_smile:

Yes, we all play the game daily, starting early morning, ending late night :-))

Ved babis toho ani viac nedovoli

Still valid. Looking for players from Central and Eastern Europe.

we´ve estabilished B-team for less developed players. if interested look for czech.DOBRODRUZI B.czech.

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