Cyprian firing before special filled -- and cups going down, not up!

I just lost three raids I should have won, and only noticed in the last one that Cyprian was firing his special before it was maxed. I had been wondering how he could be firing so often.

He was in tank position, and the three frontrunners had counterattack on even though he hadn’t fired yet; his special bar said “S”, but it had already taken effect.

I only have a screenshot of the opponent’s name and alliance; please check this if you can!

EDIT: And now my cups are going down! I always write down how many cups I have at the end of a raid. I just won one, for 45 cups, and my cups went from 2189 to 2174! Obviously I’ll exit the game to see if this fixes it, but… what the? (This has also happened before, months ago, btw.)

In these cases it is always a good idea to get a screenshot when such things are happening. Without the full knowlede of the team you were fighting and the exact situation you were in it is diffcult for fellow players to have a discussion on the subject. If you really think it was a bug you can open a support ticket with the game developers. :slight_smile:


Just thought I’d post in case others were having the same issue, or were wondering why things didn’t seem right, as I was. Thanks!

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