Cyparian gives counterattack to everyone

I raided a player who has a double raid formation and a Cyparian in the middle. Cyparian’s mana is filled, and ge gave counterattack to everyone. If this raid formation every slot is “nearby” to the middle? I think this is a bug, or a serious issue that has to be solved.

In this formation, every ally is a “nearby ally” for the character in the middle. So it is working as intended. The formation is designed to put heroes that affect nearby allies in the middle to increase their strength.

The weakness of it is that if you as the attacker fire a hero that impacts target and nearby enemies at Cyprian (for example Thorne) - also everyone will be hit.


Expected behavior. In double and reverse double, the central hero is adjacent to all. This benefits “nearby” skills for both attack and defense. Panther, Thorne, etc, will hit all 5 if you target that Cyprian.

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I had a guess, the raid formation causing this. So this is not an accident? Then allright.

This was made known in the global beta the first time alternative raid formation became live. Now it has returned permanently due to the favorable response of the players. It is a double edged sword, which may be a good thing to both the attacker and defender. Players need to adapt to the changes. Otherwise, the experience won’t be fun anymore.


Yes, so if you use your “target and nearby” hero (Proteus for example) and target the one in the middle, all the opponent’s team will take the effect. Similar for reverse double formation too.

Whoa, I have not thought of that, wouldn’t that cancel out the need for heroes that affect all your heroes? That is working as intended, but that means I could put very strong buffers that are considered balanced (since they only affect nearby allies) in the middle and it would affect everyone therefore making it unbalanced.

If I had a hero academy I would exploit the crap out of that too, just saying. But people without a hero academy would have an unfair disadvantage. Especially when heroes already get what, +20% defense if they are the defending party of a raid?

I guess they could do an overhaul to update that and change description to read “Attacks only single row or nearby enemies, depending on formation”

In a way, that is affirmative. But do keep in mind that this only applies to double and reverse double alternative raid defense formation. In other formation on raid defense, including in wars and in raid tourneys, such boost or bane formation is not applied. This is why you see a lot of Siff tanks on middle to upper diamond raid arena as she is a bit tanky (especially more so once her skill is activated), gives riposte to all instead to herself and nearby, and dodges some specials because she is a rogue.

Again, this is a double edged sword, with all pros and cons, as well as in other raid formation.

People who don’t have hero academy are mostly new or newish players. They are always at the disadvantage compared to experienced and veteran players since the latter are somewhat have roster depth and experience on their side. You cannot expect kindergarten pupils able to solve complex problems on calculus the way middleschoolers are capable of. Besides, you are probably on the same arena with players not having the HA built (of course with a few exceptions like players who focused on building HA even if they are relatively new or those who are experienced players cupdropping, but you can always reroll in raids for you not to deal such defenses).


Well my point being, still an unfair advantage, especially when you no longer have the option to reroll (food is low), or everyone in your tier has an HA.

An analogy won’t help explain it away.

Like I said when I get a HA I will exploit the crap out of that, so I agree with you that it can make the game more interesting.

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You’ll get there. Patience is a requirement. Or money if you want to expedite everything. Just don’t forget trying to get the fun in almost all aspects of the game, and learn in each and every fall, the game sometimes, if not often, kick you in the nuts, hard and agonizing. Players who learn and adapt are able to overcome those hurdles sooner or later until a new intimidating hurdle appears due to the change in the meta.

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thankfully this also works offesively… you should aim your defense down heros at the center before you kill it…

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I love facing formations like that. The hero in the back center does indeed buff the rest of the team but they also are hard to hit and charge slowly. The flip side of them buffing their entire team also means my Lady Locke, Costumed Azlar and Onatel also hit their entire team. Charging up one of those heroes means your entire team is hurting. Two and you are pretty much dead. All three and you have no chance. Lady Locke + C.Alzar is something like 2k damage to the entire enemy team and Onatel doesn’t do huge damage but stealing mana regen from your entire team means lots of tiles anywhere I want and no one charges up quickly.

In your team your Thorne targeting Cyprian would do damage to and debuff the entire enemy team.

The advantage isn’t as much as you may think. There are trade-offs.

Look at the tile lanes. That center hero still needs to be hit to charge, and “caster and nearby” tend to be average speed. In double, there’s a single tile lane to the center hero. In reverse double, they may be out front, but they are also subject to waves of damage dealing tiles as with a conventional tank.

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The doubles are proper risk/reward defences. I love that they make hit 3 heroes amazing but the flip side is if the centre fires you have issues to deal with.

So do you bring a dispel hero so you can deal with it or do you go all out attack and go for the throat.

It’s tougher for sure but I like how a lot of less favoured heroes now get some love. I mean Cyprian isn’t generally a problem in a traditional defence but suddenly in a double it’s potential a massive issue for you now.

Raiding is harder than it was but that makes it a bit more interesting at least.

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It’s an advantage for being a long time player like all the other late game aspects are, but I wouldn’t call it an unfair one.


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