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Nothing to make me spend tbh…I need things like compass or warm cape etc and I’d be willing to purchase.

They so overvalue the percent.

I’m hoping for some better calendar deals…


I got the very first one on my main. Tried to do a single draw from the epic summon hoping to RNGesus to be blessed with a Buddy or MN. But no bueno. I have to say the offer at the bottom is the best one imho.

Yeah they could implement a quantity option where you can choose to purchase 1, 3, or up to all 5 at a time.

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I LOVE the futuristic music that accompanies the Cyber Monday sale so much. Ill prolly buy most of them as well. Haha


For a C2P thos offer still not worth it but teir 1 which is the same as event offers.

For example tier 4 u get 400 gems and half atlantis summon and event

In atlantis u get for same amount 800 gems and half a summon

Depends on if you value troop tokens or not. Here’s the rough math I follow:
Atlantis Summon = 8400 / 30 = 280g
Challenge Event Summon = 2600 / 10 = 260g
Troop Summon = 1600 / 10 = 160g

Offer Value = 400g + (280 / 2)g + (260 / 2)g + 160g = 830g

Offer is barely better compared to $10 Atlantis deal which offers: 350g + (3 * 280)g = 1190g

I’d say offer is subjective depending on if you are planning to do Atlantis, Challenge, and Troop summons in near future or. For me answer is yes to all 3 given I’m lacking def droppers from Teltoc and want some 4* troops. Still considering it tho, but wouldn’t say it’s necessarily a bad deal


Which one is that? /20

Personally, offer #2 with the reset emblem seems the best to me. Resets are by far the rarest thing in the game, and it seems that them being hidden at the end of some trials was either a fluke or a trial itself.

But I have some heavily emblemed 4* that I’ll eventually want to strip for 5*. It also will let me feel better about further enhancing them.

I assume they’ll be random in trials like troop tokens are in recruits II quest

If so, they’re far lower than 50/50. We haven’t seen any since October, when there was 3. It may be something like 10%, and October was a statistical fluke.

I started putting emblems heavily on 4* on the presumption that they’d become more common…

Hate to be bearer of bad news but presumptions bite everyone in the a** in this game


Yeah, I will probably take 1st, 5th and some 4th tiers. Black Friday was a disappointment.

The two offers with the highest valuations seemed the worst to me—maybe just depends on what you need. I don’t need reset emblems and can farm for backpacks and stuff so neither of those is very appealing

It sounds easy to describe, but not easy to implement. There’s no way to arrange that with Apple/Google without making a purchase item for every single quantity variation.

Maybe a shopping cart. :wink:

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The real question is how these compare with other common offers — like Stardust, Atlantis Rising (already done above, thank you!), etc.

We could also compare to last year’s Christmas offers, but we know from Halloween they will change due to emblems.

I couldn’t find a thread that listed common offers, but my search-fu could be lacking here.

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^ This, very much. :smile:

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Never mind the offer, I want to know when Godzilla will be HotM.


Good cyber monday, fun and full of information. :wink:

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