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It looks much better than black friday mega sale


Agreed. Though, can someone tell me what Cyber Monday is celebrating?!


An exciting new opportunity for spending money. :wink:

It developed out of Black Friday having traditionally been a major brick and mortar retail sales day, and online retailers wanting a similar day to do deals and large sales volume.

But much like Black Friday deals now often run for days or even a week plus before Black Friday, and many online retailers run Black Friday deals now too — many retailers both online and in physical stores now run both Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and often run them for extended durations before and after the Friday/Monday.


These are good deals - nice to see certain tiers at the C2P level that focus on the things that really matter to C2P players, gems & summons (hope that’s a fair assessment). They are far more likely to bite at that than an expensive opportunity to acquire 30x emblems for each class.
Plus the artwork for this is great.


Is offer number 3 better than the “Raining Loot” offer?
I don’t remember precisely.
Too bad that offer number 4 is only a troop token and not a hero token.

I think that the “500%” of the last offer is a bit b******t with these items included.


It’s Raining Loot Tickets is:

  • 1000 gems
  • 1 WE Flask
  • 100 Loot Tickets

It costs $9.99 USD.

This offer is, if purchasing all 3x of it:

  • 900 gems
  • 3 WE Flasks
  • 90 Loot Tickets

And that would total $8.97 USD

So basically for 10% less money, you get 10% fewer gems and Loot Tickets.

The only thing that makes it a lower price per unit is the 2 extra WE Flasks.

So it’s technically a better deal, but not insanely so, depending on how highly you value WE Flasks.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are often followed by Bankrupt Tuesday :rofl:


Better not be, we’ve got another 30 days of deals yet!

Hmm, in the absence of a better measure it might be best to value the WE flasks at 100 gems each. You always use them anyway come Atlantis.

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In this case, I feel the two offers with lowest % are the better ones.

SG overvalues in-game materials by a large margin when displaying this % value.


Yes, the other offers look decent but the 500% value is ridiculous.

500% to me means it $5 should be worth about 2500 gems.

The offer is 500 gems plus a hero token (300 gems) plus sharpening stones, rugged clothes and backpacks. I have 4846 sharpening stones, 17771 rugged clothes, and 7081 backpacks and they are telling me that 10 of each is worth 1700 gems?!?

Maybe they picked the wrong items?


Exactly that, tho you might burn those backpacks in TC2 or give it to me! XD


Sadly they don’t take them back for that price…

Maybe it’s the price if they are in those get at least 2 of the following crap offers.

Headless like the snowmen…



Nice to see finally some good offers, as opposed to BF bit I said that already and have to say again… please let us bundle these together so instead of 5 10$ payments I can do 1 50$ payment. It hurts me to do all these single purchases, seeing them all on my bank billing separately and afraid of blocking my card.


No TC 1/2 since the new buildings were introduced - too busy with emblems, mines, troops, research, etc. I have run out of heroes I am interested in ascending until next season, so I’m saving up.


I was expecting some cheap deals with costume keys. Maybe they will show up somewhere in the calendar?


nice try SGG, but no
gigantic discount offer only


I see where you’re coming from, but it does benefit people who won’t or can’t buy a 50$ offer but might just buy one or more at 10$. I did that very thing in the recent offer where I got one at £4.99 before noticing that you could buy five of them. I stuck at the one, and was quite pleased with myself.

Seeing a huge scary list on my credit card is good; it has more of a visual impact than a single big purchase so it discourages me from overdoing it the following month. But of course it might work the opposite way on other people.


No, I meant, if they are 5 at stock, let me buy a single one, or let me buy 3 or all 5, but with a single purchase. But don’t make me buy 5 times separately if I want all 5.


Oh right, that sounds sensible.

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