Cyberbullying and mental disorders

Ignore the chat, stick to the plan and remind them to mind their own business. You’ve been accepted there as a member, told what to do and that’s it, not their business then at all.
Then switch the alliance as soon as possible.

It’s only a game, it should provide fun and it’s not worth - they’re not worth - getting serious problems.

Sometimes there are true as***, sometimes there’s only no “synergy” or link between people and it doesn’t work and in both cases it’s time to move on.


Do you have Line?

20 char


If you have a list or recommendation, I’m all ears. I told him that I will see how I feel after the next 24 hrs.


Yes, I have do have line.

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I have 2 accounts. One stays with the family of gamers Ive come to love, and the other roams. What Ive noticed in some alliances is exactly what you stated and is probably my biggest red flag. Basically, its when the alliance advertises as “drama free” but has sooo many internal problems. Unclear leadership. A bossy player(s), that undermine others. Big spenders who bully the F2P little guy. TERRIBLE communication since they are “avoiding drama” that ends up alienating anyone whos not on board with those vocal players. I RUN from an alliance like that and unfortunately they are found at ALL skill levels as well. I usually can tell right away by the way the leaders of the guild act and communicate.

But my point is this: Dont tolerate it. Leave them behind. Immediately. Leave them to themselves and find a better home because I PROMISE you better, friendlier alliances are out there and dont be afraid to go through a few to find ur fit. No one deserves that high school level badgering over a war you were trying your hardest on. I sincerely hope @Rigs, or yourself, can find you a much better alliance that suits you.


Alright I’ll snag some links, should keep @SWEG suggestion in mind as well

I didn’t want to do this publicly as i didnt want to seem like i play favorites but there are some alliances I’ve played with and have known the leaders for years so I’ll grab some links and wait for the blowback…

Could keep goin, if u need more then let me know

Some top 100s in there, some not, some family alliances with varying strengths and commitment levels, etc

Hope it helps


My line id is jrigs if u need to reach out for anything directly. game help or finding an alliance or whatever.

Btw i have no knowledge of any issues within those alliances, always been respectable and good peeps in the time I’ve known them. If you find anything different upon joining, let me know so i know not to recommend them again.


If an alliance have a “strategist” you are already in the wrong place.


May I ask why? Just curious. Seemed like an odd thing to say.

Hope you are ok. if you are interested in joining a U.K. based alliance, please let me know. We are a very friendly group of people. Some chat, some dont. No drama, no need to spend money. We are chilled, supportive and a nice group of people


War is a group effort.
It is probably the funniest feature right now because involve all the people on planning and confronting each other ideas and strategies.

Having only one person doing that is a shame and boring.

As i see it it’s like a trip.
Sometimes the travel to reach your destination is funnier then everything else.

But this way it’s like you are in your car, with your friends, silent, waiting to arrive.


I do agree with you on the fact that it is a group effort. I also believe in the theory of too many cooks. I feel there should be a leader, a few co-leaders, some elders, and a strategy, whether it comes from one person or a small group. If everyone does their own thing, battles get lost. And, everyone is pointing fingers. But, I do see your point. Just my own opinion.


There’s a balance that needs to be had for sure


I agree. Everyone brings their own unique piece of the puzzle that makes a complete picture. My strength is definitely not in war strat.

Come to think of it… I’m not sure what my strength is… :rofl::thinking:


Maybe that’s a matter of definition.

I keep track of our wars with some excel analysis and I change the alliance message according to our strategy. That strategy is approved by all older members (the newer ones just have to adopt it, because it was set up before them, lol), but we’re all open to other ideas. For example, a member wanted to try the same-color-tank-strategy, ended up with some Grimms as tanks, unfortunately…another one suggested to change the wednesday strategy because of the return to standard time…
So I’m the war strategist. But that’s only a title :smiley:

On the other hand: when it comes to hand-picked opponents for each member, then…I for myself would flee from that alliance, others might as well manage quite good with that :smiley:


We’re still figurin it out. Mainly to keep us from lookin like 1 big sausage fest tho


I almost went with math’s meat market for our alliance name.

This is completely off topic. I apologize to the OP.


What i mean is not anarchy of course.
In the end it’s clear that to be effective you must act togheter as a whole.

But to reach that point you have several ways.
The most easy (and boring) is having one person decide that.

For me games are meant to be funny, not to win no matter what.

If having a funny discussion among everyone lead on a failing strategy, i’m more happy rather then win like brainless soldiers.

Win is cool, but not as cool as having fun.

Most of my best memories involve me doing some really stupid things.


However… it does give you some insight as to how other alliances, and alliance mates, interact. So maybe I was more on topic than I thought. Yeah., I’m gonna go with that.


Oh, I always joke inside and outside of war. It’s never completely serious. It’s just these last few alliances went south.


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