Cyberbullying and mental disorders

There is a line between bullying and disagreeing with something someone said. Mental illness is in my family strong as i have bipolar family members who are sometimes hard to deal with. Yes we know they have a mental illness and yes it’s tough but that doesnt mean that everytime they have an episode I have to be “understanding.” Just like them I have my own life and problems and some people with mental illnesses are jerks and bullies also.

Some people with mental illness can misunderstand something and go into a full tantrum before a simple mistaken choice of words can be rectified. We are only hearing one side of the story and I see by a few of your responses here that you weren’t all the way civil in your retorts. Two wrongs dont make a right EVER. If you are unhappy with your situation you have been told ways to resolve it. Hope you find what you are looking for.


I can appreciate everyone’s take on this. It is one sided. Looking back on it, I still feel I was pressured and bullied. I did put my big boy pants on a nd left the Alliance for another. So, if the fact that this topic plays a picture of a full grown adult who cant handle a game at times, you’re right. But, I did make the proper steps to make myself more comfortable. Irregardless of how you feel, mental illness is an issue, and I merely ask for support from a group. Not hand holding, but just understanding. That’s it. I feel my thoughts were valid, and I took care of it.

Let’s just agree to disagree and move on. :+1:


As you can see from the posts above, you have much more support than abuse! Ignore the very few negative comments and embrace the positive ones!


Good for you, HughMann. Hope your new alliance is full of decent folk. This is a social game, that is, it can be played solo but it’s so much more fun in the right sort of alliance - or absolute misery in the wrong one.

@zephyr1 I thought the abuse for flagging posts for nothing is punished. The flagged posts above, don’t break any rule of the forum and I don’t understand why the moderators do nothing. Since when a post should be flagged if only says it is just a game? Seriously, I wonder why that post is still flagged…

Besides, he’s right. It is just a game. Welcome to the virtual world…

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A post above was flagged and a moderator agreed it violated forum rules, hence it’s still hidden. Please note forum rules #14 (copied below). Also, please remember to treat each other civilly, especially with differing opinions (as many have already done). Thank you.


I am sorry to hear that are being bullied. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who just don’t understand the ramifications of their stupidity. I recently left the game because I just couldn’t take the idiocy of some people. There are alliances in the game that don’t participate in the wars. Try hooking up with one of them. “Retail at Christmas” is one of them. Good luck. I wish you the best.


I flagged the second post because it’s inappropriate to be instructing someone to “take their meds” and “put on your big boy pants”. As if that’s the cure-all. PSA: Mental disorders cannot just be “cured” and seamlessly controlled with pills.

The last two sentences were also inappropriate. This thread was meant to address the OP’s personal situation and others chimed in to help and relate and how people can (and should) be compassionate in general, but in particular to those going through rough times, potentially because of a medical condition. It is was wrong to presume society as a whole is becoming “so over sensitive” and that it’s “the problem nowadays”. We are talking about a small minority of those with mental disorders (though like I said, people should always aim to be considerate anyways. Like everyone said, it’s just a game. Feelings matter more.).


Well said. It’s just as easy to be kind and compassionate as it is to be unkind and cruel.


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If I do something that results in a negative response I stop doing it.

This is called making good decisions. It’s a product of having a healthy and well formed sense of reality and a profound wisdom of self.

If I play a game and don’t enjoy it or any aspect of playing results in a negative response I play a different game.

I don’t blame others for any aspects of this I don’t understand or like. This is called being proactive.

Stop projecting your negative responses out onto others and maybe they won’t reflect back upon you.


Flagging posts doesn’t change facts. All it shows is you support censorship and your own point of view.

Dystopia is real.

Facts care about the Truth and nobody’s feelings.


Wonderful victim blaming :heart:

Or I change the alliance. You just don’t have in mind that there are as*** out there, too.

They are everywhere. Not just in games. I meet ******** in grocery stores and in parking lots. This doesn’t change the fact that I need food and toilet paper and a place to park whilst buying these things. It does mean that I can change how and when I do these things.

That’s making good decisions. For myself and the wellness of said […].

Think. It’s not a crime yet.

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@Milamber It sounds like you don’t have enough of an understanding of “mental illness”.

I have been the product of bullying for most of my life, plus other traumas that I have, unfortunately, been able to overcome. I have tried to lead a normal life as you have said. I can’t. I am unable to step into public places by myself. I’m not able to stand up for myself outside of my own home. I am afraid of people IRL. I can’t change that.

I brought this onto the forums because the chat system in-game is flawed. I can’t go to “Peer Support”. All that was there were immature people. It was an atypical chatroom. As far as making changes to be more comfortable, I have done that. In fact, my current alliance has already made me an elder three days into being in their alliance. They come to me for advice. I feel like I am part of a team, and everyone in there has been extremely supportive.

You are not being placed into a “dystopia” as you have so put it. Your basis on how I should handle a game that I find as a hobby for myself is flawed. You are telling me that I have two options–stop playing because I don’t like my treatment, or “suck it up” because it is a game.

I was affected, not by the game, but real people. Something that I am still to this day learning to cope with and against. And, I shouldn’t have to stop something i enjoy because the person on the other side of the screen is either harassing me, making me uncomfortable to the point of having issues that I can’t tolerate because of mental issues, or any other factor you want to throw at me.

I’m wired differently than the atypical normal person. Sounds like you need to accept that and appreciate that I took the steps to make the changes so I could continue to keep playing a game I love.


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Mental health is a very tough thing for a lot of people as there are different kinds of mental disorders. However, just because a said person has a mental disorder, it does not just excuse all actions taken by the person having the disorder. Someone have a point of view of “if I dont like my environment I’m out” is no different than someone who doesnt like their environment and decides to try to clean it up.

Whatever works for said person is the route they should take and being that from what I have read this is not a new instance but a lifelong problem which also means they have already been action plans and guidelines to help said person deal with these types of problems and situations.

People being rude to people is a problem whether they have mental health issues or not. I feel that this posts leans to heavily on a personal issue when the main issue was someone was being bullied and i feel that part could have been left out and just a focus on the bullying in general would have kept this conversation on the right path. Bullying in its self is a broad term as what one person sees as a problem may not be viewed as a problem by another. More people choose to ignore and stay out of things that do not concern them and that’s a bigger problem, as tons of people watch terrible things happen to people everyday and turn the other cheek. People need to be more proactive when things seem uncomfortable and try to resolve things before they lead to what was described here.


I have a better idea. Let’s kill this thread. The point is now missing and I refuse to explain why cyberbullying and mental illness–more specifically PTSD–plays into this. Thank you all for your help. The problem is solved, and if this alliance falls through, it sounds like I have a lot of places to turn.


What the hell is that. This is a game and there is a real life outside, so I never blame my Alliance members for doing a bad job. If we loose a war, because 8 persons have no time to fight, I am not happy about it, but I would not blame anybody. If someone is doing a good job within our Alliance I make a positive post. Mobbing is not acceptable neither in a game nor in reality.
But I guess it is difficult for SG to prevent it. It cost a lot of resources and sometimes it is impossible to decide if a negative comment is mobbing or a disappointed player.
Maybe you should look for an Alliance with non fanatical players (check if there are members who are not online everyday). Anyway I wish you a good time and no more mobbing experience.


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