Cyber Monday offers 2021


That last offer… Well played :clap:


From 2020…
The items on offer have really changed


Yeah, that last one timing it with mythic titan is going to lead to some big scores this time. Glad this month is my mythic skip month.

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These offers looks like …well real offers. Not the garbage 400% value of uselessness offers like usually.

Pretty fine deal. Great summoning value in the offers Especially the last deal with the upcoming Christmas summoning (for those who intend to summon).
Plus cheap deals so a lot of people will probably buy a few.


I’ve been collecting Tokens for Christmas summon, so hopefully this’ll help nudge me along.


I’m really pleasantly surprised by these offers. They are very good. @Petri thank you SGG for listening to the players and offering really valuable stuff here!


These deals are great. Especially for the loot tickets. I need those more than ever.

The EHT is good for the upcoming christmas event but the others seem kind of meh.

The loot tickets are a for sure the others can give or take.


I was of the opinion that I was all done for this month after Black Friday portal.

But that offer 5 was literally too good to ignore.

So fair play on putting something out that actually looks like an offer.


To anyone familiar with trading card games. Does the images at the bottom of the screenshot look familiar? Makes me wonder if Small Giant is a subsidiary of another (well known) gaming company. :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:+:person_shrugging:

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If this is in reference to Yugioh and their new virtual platform… then no not at all…

I don’t know about this virtual platform, but that looks like Cyber Dragon Nova. If Small Giant isn’t a subsidiary of Konami, then how’s that legal in using a exact image or close resemblance of Nova? If it’s Nova, then Small Giant got legal permission to use Nova’s imagery then.

I mean I can see a lot of differences between this and Cyber dragon Nova those being for this artwork:

No arms
More than two disc on wings
Different amount of spikes on head.

I see a closer resemblance in Cyber Dragon Infinity than in Nova, but these dragons may have nothing in common and we don’t know what this dragon represents.

Okay and thank you. players will eventually find out what it means if anything.

As a former yugioh player, I can easily tell that the creature on the bottom is indeed Cyber Dragon Infinity. I believe Cyber Dragon Infinity is based on infinite, since you can attach a card to it as Xyz material. And it continously gains attack for each card as its Xyz material. And in the artwork, it’s tail forms the symbol of Infinity. Hope this helps a bit

Here’s a snippet of how I value these offers. Anything >=300 gems/USD is usually an actually rare value.


nice sheet, would you mind sharing it?

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I can’t believe people actually think these are great offers. They are JUNK. A few gems and random tokens and battle items is what you expect from a once-a-year deal? Where are the impossible to get ascension items?

Just another slap in the face but you’ve all been conditioned to think this is a great deal, apparently.

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Well…4* mats aren’t impossible to get for a lot of people. I’ve had a Tome, 2 Scopes, Tabbard and a Tonic in the last 2 days.

Not purchased either as below. Plus 2 from the event which yes is tougher but still achievable to obtain.

I’ll have the 2 from POV in 2 days as well.

So not everyone wants 4* mat offers

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Just because you dont need the items currently offered or need something more these are not bad offers. The tier 5 with the 7 tokens is one of the best value offers in a long while.


Well that’s more proof this game is BS because that’s more than I’ve gotten in FOUR months.

One 4* item the last 5 weeks of titans.
2 of the last 3 elemental chests nothing but map junk and one gloves.
War win yesterday one string rope, no aethers.
Epic valor chest: warm cape.
Top 1-5% each tournament: nothing.
Mystic vision and rare titans: never once did i get a 4% item.

And you wonder why I’m angry when other people get five items a week and i can’t even BUY ascension items?

Stupid RNG. So tired of this crap.