CX design: The UX of Alliance Recruitment and importance of community growth

alliance recruitment needs improvement?

How do you feel about alliance recruitment
  • Recruiting is no problem!
  • Recruitment mechanics are broken, I am frustrated SGG won’t improve it.
  • I am so over recruiting, SGG won’t ever fix it and I feel like giving up.

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I hated recruiting… was my least favourite part of being in alliance leadership… No regrets that I don’t have to do it anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


Please note… none of my frustrations are with the mods.

I just want SGG to communicate they recognize a problem and will deal with it down the line.

That’s not a big ask between community and corporate.


I am a regular in both Peer Support and Experienced chat rooms. It is frustrating that both chat rooms suffer from recruitment spam. It really detracts from the purpose of both rooms, particularly PS.

Anyway, overall I didn’t mind recruiting for my alliances in the past. However, sometimes it just didn’t work out (ends up being a waste of time).

I’m so glad I have retired from constant recruitment!! Alliance recruitment never ends. :joy::rofl:

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Actionable insight: growing communities of alliances will increase usage and player base for SGG.

Actionable insight: LTV (lifetime consumer value) will increase with growth of communities,

strategic objective:

  • increase Omni platform fluidity to help alliances grow and maintain communities

Next step:

  • hire an agency to solve this problem to increase community growth and consumer LTV by improving CX (consumer experience) through UX Strat and design across all relevant social platforms.

What every business knows: Investing a little Into community building will yield HIGH ROI (welcome to age of digital).

What DEVELOPERS like SGG know: applying the Agile Process to community will yield increasing ROI through continuous improvements.

Why no action?
There are proactive and reactive business cultures. Reactive cultures ignore communications with community, and won’t try to fix until the house is burning down and it’s too late.


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