cVivica or Prof Lindenbrock?

Who should I emblem, cVivica or Prof. Lindenbrock? Both are healers of the same kind - yellow, cleric and slow.

I’d rather have prof but if you wanted to optimize for titans Viv could work too.

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I’d say the one you use most often and the one that needs more survivability. You can also split the emblems :slight_smile:

Prof for me.
She is really good in War Def and Regular Def, Tournament and Offense.

She is one of the best Healer especially against lots of DOT like Bera.

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Prof.Have Served me way better! You won’t regret it. :smiley:

Viv and Costume can hold herself in most cases unless you have a really bad board. Unless you are planning to use her across the game, she is a waste of Emblems

Prof on the other hand though is slow is technically an average hero when the raid or fight starts with her 20% mana boost. And when she fires and if there are any new ailments on her allies she is going to make them immortal. She is too good to have not emblems.
She works great on regular and war defense and in RUSH wars she along with any scary purple tank is immortal. Heal + over heal is always a great value

Prof / c vivica yeah there prity much the same one does heal over time one doesn’t just a nice big wod of health.

Only differents is Prof keeps on healing past the max health witch can be a nightmare.

C vivica 44% defence down for me is gold as brilliant on titans, nightmare on rush especially with the power houses ready to fire when she goes off as that 44% is a killer.

Think over all c vivica would be the best bet for defence for me , standard vivica combined with sif on offence is my favourite as front 3 will be a iron wall and with sif counter it’s nuts.

Both emblem seperate, if you place her in defense, I would choose Prof+18 (or 19 mana node) , rest for Viv or others.

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