Cutthroats is looking for new members

We at cutthroats are a growing & friendly alliance hitting 6-8* titans with a high rate of titan guts being spilled daily!

We are looking for 7 members 18+ years old to fill in some recently opened spots on our team. Our aim is to find the dedicated players who are looking to hit titans daily and participate in wars. War participation is optional but if you do join, team tank strategy and using all 6 flags is a requirement. Along the way you get to enjoy a bit of conversation with some good people.

We use line and do strategize for wars but since we all have actual lives and live across the globe sometimes there is the occasional hiccup. If you can accept these things, deal with a group of very good natured teammates then we would like you on our team. Shoot me a message on here if interested or you can hop on our line chat group : cutthroats

(I mention the 18+ year old thing because I have a very sick and perverted sense of humor that some may find unusual). I do bring a smile to my teammates faces on ocassion though! If you don’t like humor please don’t inquire!

Thanks for reading - Tony - the official cutthroats jester and typo king.

I wouldn’t mind joining. 31 years of age. I play daily, and often. I got my primary team of Kageburado, Leonidas, Elkanen, Grazul and Frida. Many more fives, but none fully maxed. Cups close to 2200 with a tp of close to 3600.

Ferl free to join the line group if you have the app or stop by the alliance in the game. Your level seems right in the area of what we are looking for.

I have to participate in one last war, so I don’t lose my 24/25 war chest. Let me ask, how do I join your line group? I have never used the app before.

Looking to fill 5 more spots if anyone is still hunting around. 2500-4000 tp range of our members.

Team dedication in the truest sense. See what i mean below:

We came back from over 1700 points down in this past weekends war and won by nearly 300 points. 2 boards flips in the last 6 hours of the war! All flags used…yes we used all 114 flags!

If this is the kind of team you want to join then contact me today!

We still have some spots open for anyone looking to join a fun and friendly group. Wars, titans, crude humor. We got it all!

We have 4 more spots to fill. Looking for level 25+ if possible but open to any active player who wants to grow with us. We are not trophy obsessed like others, we just want a team of friendly and active players who enjoy the game. Wars optional but the 6*-8* titans we face do require being hit by all members.

Bumping - still got some spots open.

Currently have members from levels 21-41. Cups from 600-2200. Members from U.S. to E.U., conversations from helpful to crude humor. We got it all…even fart jokes! Check out cutthroats in game or on line app.


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