Customizable War Timer for your alliance

I found a problem, and did my best to fix it: Alliance members need to coordinate attacks during war, and we’re often in different parts of the world and different timezones. Here’s my answer, a war phase timer and planning tool. Somewhere along the line I decided to add a titan clock too so I could figure out when I needed to be back after roaming on a pass titan.

A few months ago, I joined an alliance where war was scheduled, and more serious than I was used to … and and I was left feeling like a bear of very small brain and confused by things happening 10 hours after war started, or was that 5pm Eastern time, and what time is that in Central time. To make things worse, I then promised to be online at the start of war, before I figured out that it was 5am local time, and that’s NOT a good or natural time for Barry to be awake … but it was a new alliance and I didn’t want to look like a flake in my first war by backing out, so I gritted my teeth and set my alarm. (And didn’t volunteer for that part next time 'round!)

Being the spreadsheet geek I am, I made this, in self defense, and discovered that many other alliance members appreciated it as well. It has kinda grown a bit since then.

I hope some of you can use it as well.


I tried to put really good documentation in it so it would be easy to customize too, which is an odd departure for me; normally I hate doing that kinda stuff!


Very nice! Thanks for sharing this! I’ll be cribbing it for our alliance. :grinning:

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Enjoy. But maybe give me half an hour before you run with it; In the shower, I just realized I really want to do a little cleanup on the titan clock part. (Edit: Apparently my time estimation skills are improving. It did only take half an hour!)


We are also an international alliance with different time zones. We have a general idea of when our players are available. I suppose if we could set fight times we could win even more wars but I kind of like the organic, suspenseful way we fight.

We can often clear their board but we are never sure … makes it fun and exciting, I think!

Nothing wrong with doing war that way, it can be fun too. But with poor planning you can end up in the last minutes with one player who has six hits, six strong attack teams … and is staring at six mop-up attacks on the board wondering what he should do.

If you want to coordinate war, this makes it easier.

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Don’t get me wrong, I admire your dedication and talent.

So far I’ve gotten some love for this from the leaders of the other Groot family alliances, but since I’m there, I pretty much set this up for them, and as the guy who wrote the spreadsheet, it is really easy for me.

I’d love to hear from you (or anybody else) as to whether the instructions I provided in the sheet made it easy to configure for your alliance when I’m not helping.


The sheet works like a charm. I sent you a copy of our pub link on Line. Thank you very much for putting this together!


Haven’t gotten to explore the sheet much yet. Will in the morning. Funny thing is we just started asking today for what time zones our members are in and making a sheet to keep track now that we are using more strategy in war. Sounds like your tool maybe just the thing we need to keep it all organized. So thanks in advance for sharing. I’ve discovered war tracking/planning sheets are the hardest thing to get donated. Many alliance leaders don’t like to share those. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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If you want a mostly-automated war tracking sheet I’m happy to shoot you a copy of ours. Line ID: garanwyn

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Thanks for doing this! At first I thought you were confusing individual respawning timers w/ war phases, but now I see it does make sense to break Wars up this way, since you do want to start looking for teams to be respawning 6 hours in, and then again 8 more hours in.

In addition to these 3 “Waves,” though, it would be nice if you could also add the 3 Flags (War Energies) addition time, which occurs 12 hours in.

Those three waves just happen to be the war plan my alliance was using when I was drafting this. The whole idea is that you customize it to match your war plan and show the war schedule you use in your alliance. You can fill in an entry for “3 more flags” at 12 hours remaining in war when you make a copy of it.

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Oh, yeah… I could just do it myself—duh.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Yes, call me dense but I’m having trouble catching exactly how to use this…I understand the concept, this would really help me as leader I assign targets but sometimes have trouble because I have to set some people to take the same Target but separate by 1st wave and 2nd wave. But I’m just a little lost. Thanx

IF you have a war schedule, this helps people figure out how it works in their time zone.

If you haven’t come up with a schedule of when you want war hits, this isn’t for you yet.

Respawn timers for killed enemies have fixed lengths: 6h after a first kill, 8h after a second kill, and 10h after a 3rd kill.

So if you kill a bunch of targets right when the war starts, the next chance to kill those targets again is about 6h after war start. This is the core idea behind the phases in this schedule chart. If you coordinate initial hits, you can plan when your subsequent hits will be, and people can know the times over a day in advance and make sure they’re going to be available.

If your alliance just has people log on and hit targets whenever they can, though, this timer won’t be useful for you.

Ahhhh . .ok I get you now… Yes I do this already but it can be confusing … So this helps schedule it … Got it


Yes I do have assigned people to targets 1st and 2nd wave . I guess I just couldn’t the schedule you made seeing everyone in my alliance is us and the time is like 3 hrs. So it just confused me bit

Thanx for replying tho

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Thanx we do have a schedule just isn’t this complex I guess thanx for the reply