CUSTOM Alliance Banner/Logo

Is there any way to create a customized emblem for my Alliance instead of those that already exist?

i wish, but sadly what u see is what u get :disappointed_relieved:

I don’t think this will ever be a feature as there is no one to moderate them all.

There would be all sorts of lewd and offensive stuff within minutes :wink:

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I don’t mean to customize the existing ones.
I just want to upload my own creation.

:angel: whatever do u mean sir??? We are all innocent and wholesome :laughing: especially me :laughing: :smiling_imp:

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There will be a way of checking them first before any upload. All things have their solution

It would need a manual, human check for 100,000+ alliances…

Or it could use bots and be easily bypassed and need an appeal process

Not to mention everyone’s potential for offence in different cultures and languages.

If we look at the amount of issues with the arbitrary bans in chat and abuse of the flagging system, this sounds like a world of hurt that SG just won’t touch, in my opinion.

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Even I would say the temptation would be far too great but tbh my mind is already spinning evil ideas on logos :smiling_imp: :laughing:

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Yeah even on here the system can dected stuff and buzz words but it’s nothing bad.

Like when the how many eggs can you get on the board in bunnies. One pic needs to be approved by someone and if 100 people just post one pic all have to be approved.

Hey guys do my function is Elderi in our Alliance, ive been given a task: make a new alliance flag.
Do i have to be a leader or can i do to it as a co-leader as well. Thanks a bunch!