Curse of the rare titan bug

After yesterday’s rare titan bug on a 10* we get the honor of getting smashed by a 12* today. Well played SG, lol. This one will definitely escape.

There was at least another player reporting a similar star increase after they killed the rare titan. I guess the increase was automatic because you’ve killed the titan so quickly.


My two cents are that the titan score had such a raise that the star level of @Scrape’s titan went from 10 to 12.

Maybe it’s done on purpose, so you can’t fill your titan chest. We jumped from 10* to 12* and could not defeat it. Then we jumped back to an 11* and we could not beat it too. So two titans we could not finish.
Btw, that rare titan was killed bij 4 members because of that bug, so the rest got nothing. Those 4 members did not get the 4* AM.
I say on purpose, because it seems SG is not doing anything about it. It could be, that i missed a post about it being fixed.

I’d say it’s fixed - we currently have a rare titan and nobody is doing exceptional damage

It was that Rare 10* Tiger Titan that caused the problem. I don’t know of other rares that has the bug.

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