Curse of the Monkeys Paw: New Banner Item

Following on from @Duaneski excellent discussion on Wu Kong here

I propose a new banner to synthesize the Wu effect for those of us who have not yet pulled him and covert his unique Titan-killing ability.

As an item, this would have no affect on raids.

The Monkey Banner:

All allies gain 130% attack and -30% accuracy for four turns. Accuracy includes special attacks.

Given how valuable Wu is, it would cost a lot to build.

The idea is not to make Wu obsolete, but make it so that he’s not an insurmountable advantage. The banner would not stack with Gamblers Stance.

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Interesting idea, @JonahTheBard! I like it better than @Duaneski’s idea that there needs to be a quest to let people get WK. The banner would definitely be a nice way to obtain the effect without having to have WK. I think I’d actually prefer a banner to using WK… monkey always gets killed before I can fire off his special, and he’s on his third ascension!

{snaps for the Curse of the Monkey’s Paw reference}

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You have my vote and also my like.
Your post can’t have likes but you should know that I like it.


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Voted… simple elegant solution :slight_smile:

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Even having Wu, I can see the benefit of being able to duplicate his special on demand, instead of being lucky with tiles and hoping to get my strong colors ready to go at the same time as him.


This is a fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing.

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