Currently 9 months #NoSpend

Want to first wish everyone happy holidays and a SAFE holiday season as we head into 2021. This has been one of the most emotionally difficult years of my life. I can honestly say that my love for gaming, and the Intelligent people that are meshed together by them, has given me a place to escape this madness we call a world today. I thank each and every player here who has given there time and energy to create a fun filled, frustrating, sever habit forming, phone insurance claim creator of an escape that i have been a part of going on three years.

I started empires when Delilah was the hero of the month. Man the game sure has changed since those days. We had good ole 8-7 farming for backpacks, the rise of Seven days departed, and the first big wrench, gravemakers entrance into the empires world. Back when Guinevere was the most feared female to walk the earth.

Subsequent heroes of the month broke molds, but not the game, and introduced interesting counters that had been scarce prior.

Then it happened. Early information was released of the hero Jean Francois. In the years I have been here, I have never in my life seen one hero cause the catastrophic results that the changing of this beta heros skills lead to.

This community had its spats, battles, bans, but this, this was something totally different. SG response to this was to follow that up by releasing Telluria the following month.

This community, game, everything that was, NEVER recovered from this event and the horrible attempt of fixing it by annihilating the usefulness of other heroes after people had spent their money.

This immediate nerf frenzy alone made it easy for me to go and follow the nospend because it was just wrong to nerf a hero after release, especially when you have a whole beta testing area and people spend there hard earned money for.

With two years invested and being a moderate spender who had made many good connections here, it was upsetting at how hard the process of pulling away was, but I am proud of myself for making sure to stick to my word and never spend another dollar after that day.

I log in, hit titans, raid mehhh sometimes, do one day of a tourney and completely forget about it. Talk to my friends but no longer have that joy we had back in the early days.

It’s this simple. The whales here are gonna stay and more power to them, but anyone ftp/c2p. IF YOU DONT PLAN ON BECOMING A WHALE your roster will be obsolete in time.

My roster is deep yet since I stopped spending I have just focused on leveling what i had to see what happens. And all I see is that each season, previous heroes become useless with the new seasons they are dropping.

None of the new players will ever know what empires was like only what it is now and that is just sad.

No matter when I have logged in I still remember the frustration of the lack of matts, horrible summoning odds, but most importantly, the fact that you could level any hero you want and one stage could take 20 damn minutes because they wouldn’t give you any gems of any color you were running.

Empires is the only hero collector I have ever played where literally nothing gets easier no matter how much work you put in.

If you are new and ftp, make this game casual only and enjoy the people around you. The attitude in the top ranks is for no better word, disgusting. The biggest mistake i made was being a competitor in a competition without a finish line that cost money to participate in.

Dont make the same.

Thank you for your time and have a safe and blessed New Year.


Omg who’d they nerf?!

Jk, I don’t think a day goes by where someone doesn’t mention “poor ol’ telluria”

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Back at you!
Thanks for sharing and Congratulations on the 9 months! :tada::confetti_ball:


I don’t understand why people take this game so seriously. Just play it, have fun and live a life guys…


We haven’t always seen eye to eye doc, for one reason or another, but grats to you for sticking to it (nospend) and I hope you have a happy new year!

True statement.


I personally enjoyed how the creator of the #nospend movement leveled his main troops from 23 to 30 off increased donations and support.

If you don’t want to spend, don’t. If you do, then spend. Each person has that ability to make their own individual decision


In my new game they had a tournament for the top youtubers of the game. After winning the tournament one of the youtubers told us how much his account at only 9 months cost to be where he is. That number was 37k. In 8 months enough people donated that he spent 37k in game and made 15k in profit. Let that sink in a bit


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you @DoctorStrange! Congrats on nine months of #NoSpend.

Been playing 3+ years now, vc2p. Trust me, I know my roster will be effectively obsolete - in terms of playing at the higher end - in time. It’s my choice to stay in an awesome alliance which chains 14* titans. They are understanding, and don’t require any particular hero for war tank…

However, when you have to rely on mostly S1 5* without costume, you have first hand experience of just how far behind they are compared to S3 and Ninjas. And it will only get tougher with S4.

PS 100% agree that this community and game never recovered from the huge Tell-Vela mess.

PPS Some of the long term whales are getting tired. Some have already left.



I don’t understand why anyone would donate larger amounts of money to a player. A player of a game.

Edit: Having written that, so many player friends have said they’d gift me a hero, so perhaps the gaming community can be too generous in some ways.


I mean so many peoples dreams these days are to become a streamer. The more successful ones they see the easier they think it is not realizing the work that is still required to be sucessfull

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You’re absolutely right about the attitude of the top ranks. Kudos for saying so and I hope your post isn’t flagged for saying so. The Telluia mess also made me quit spending, the exceptions are alliance gifts and a $2 deal this month for a 4 * mat rings in a golden goblin chest.

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congrats for sticking to your no-spend decision! all the best.


I watched this happen also. We made a rather inclusive offer from some of the investors I deal with for him to showcase a game that players would actually get everything they were looking for and after taking our first donation, he gave the absolute lamest excuse ever and refused to follow through with the 30 day deal. Lost pretty much all respect for that guy. There are much better and fairer ftp games out currently. I got lucky and found one in its first week and haven’t looked back since. I recommend anyone to do the same. The ship here sailed long ago. The people still supporting this game are the kindof people to see you walking In the rain going to the same job and they blow their horn at you and keep going. Anyone who wants to go to the top for the community please don’t. Any good about this game gone when u see and be around the type of people who are at the top. For the few good ones, its an insane mess of arguments without validation and a bunch of people spending tens of thousands of dollars to still run mono lol.


I have no personal grudges i just simply post what I see with my own eyes. Even the simplest of questions in the higher ranks is met with unnecessary sarcasm and venom. We have been up top for a long time and it simply ruined any fun I had with the game. I log in once a week now if that, usually cause a member send me a message to help with a titan or what not, but the joy that used to be in this game, gone. Many good times, good wars, good beers with like minded people ruined by the company and the community. It took both hand in hand to ruin this experience, and to see the potential of what could be hidden behind a horrid payroll system that has no mercy in any area of the game…and online poker is illegal in my country now and could win real money. Good grief


Whole lot of personal stuff going on here.

And here I sit, alone, in the quiet dark.

When I said that the odds were too low, and that the summons were too expensive…

I said that not because I was angry at the people who got lucky or had money to spend. I said it because I had spent my own money and I was unhappy with what I got in return.

When I said that I couldn’t afford to spend any more, I didn’t ask for sympathy or donations. I didn’t even know that was a thing? Even if it is a thing, I don’t want anybody’s money or sympathy for nothing. I am more than happy to create something in exchange for payment, but I did not realize that people posted here or played the game for profit…? How? Why? Actually no. I don’t want to know.

Absolutely nobody pays me to post here. I’ve never been paid a penny for any of my stupid memes, stick figure artworks, bad poetry, or cringeworthy dad jokes. Never asked for or expected to be. Just as when I criticize the game, I am not being paid by one of their competitors to do so. Every single thing I post on here, I post of my own volition, based on my own actual 100% true opinions, and mostly for my own entertainment.

I wish someone paid me to post here. I could quickly become an overnight millionaire if that were the case.

Very much to the contrary. I paid money for a PC. I paid money for a phone. I pay money for cell phone service, and more money for internet access. I even gave SG money. Enough money that I think I am more than entitled to clutter up their forum with my honest opinions. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And I plan to continue to annoy them until they either make the game more ‘fair’ for players like me, or I feel like I have gotten my money’s worth in annoying them!!!

I am the rash that will not disappear. That one mistake you made in college that still haunts you years later.

I’ve already told you what it will take to make me disappear. Refund all of my E&P purchases PLUS INTEREST for my time invested, and I will uninstall the game and cease posting here altogether.

Current price is set at $500 USD.


I don’t know anyone from that alliance, but I know how you feel… any time I post something on here that offends a member of one of the popular alliances, I suddenly realize…

Ruh roh… I just made 30+ enemies with one post…


All of a sudden it’s like gang warfare. “TGW, where you from, fool? You representin 7D or UC or Crew or Toys or Pirates or what?”

No, man! I’m not representing any of them! It’s just me, I swear!

“Yeah right man. We gonna find out where you’re from, man. Sooner or later. Until then, watch your back around here.”


Nope, i don’t think so and it’s not what i perceive.

What i perceived from their and your posts is that you didn’t have a happy ending with them, and that top alliances tend to attack in mass whoever try to accuse them of something.
Saw that now and with other top alliances which i would not mention here (to not be attacked myself, lol).
So nothing particular against you.
Probably another person saying the same things would receive the same treatment.

But you really spoke out of resentment.
At least that’s how i perceive it.

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You have a right to your opinion and I respect that. I wish you felt the same about me.

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:popcorn: Let’s see if I can get my popcorn and post this before the topic is locked.

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