Current war

Ok my defense team is worth 165. Over the past hour the other side has collected 167 points and my team is still completely healthy.

Are you the only one in your alliance? If so, they reset you by killing your whole team. If you are in an alliance with other members, they killed and/or attacked other members.

Twelve of us in the war. Two others show killed. I show healthy and was only attacked in the past 90 minutes.

I count 167 points scored On my team alone when it’s not worth that much

They must have killed everyone in your whole alliance and reset the boards. Otherwise you would still be under a cool down timer. If it takes two hits to kill your team they get one extra point above your total score. If it takes three or more tries, they get an another extra point.

Doesn’t look like that.

at least one of us hadn’t been hit since this morning from what I can see. Oh well guess it’s on to the next war

Those points can change during war. It happens, if someone level up his heroes during war. And your team is revived after some time. First take down, wait is 6h, second time 8h, then 10h etc. If they have defeated all team, then all teams are revived at once. They could have already done it, if you look points.

You can see from my hits. I got 1500 for every solo kill and 1501 for the time it took two tries. My total score was 7501 for the war.

Very nice. Not remotely that level yet

That is very weird. Could that be some kind of rounding error?

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