Current war problem – same hit appears to be counted multiple times, and flags are shown as used

Several members of my alliance including myself have reported issues in the current war we are in.
Two members including myself, have attacked once and it’s showing that we have used all our flags. In the war history it shows that we have attacked 3 times for x points when in reality it is only once.
Any ideas?

Can you put a screenshot? What about hero used? How many have been used? You can check it by clicking the button at the upper left of the war screen.


The only flag I used was Onisako, I haven’t attacked the other person in this list.
Heroes used was my normal rainbow attacking team. It shows I have used 15 of my top heroes when it should only be 5.

Are you saying you don’t attack Emina? It seems that the number of used hero is at least 10. What about Emina’s base? Is it destroyed? Could it be that someone else is using your account?

I didn’t attack Emina. I attacked only Osikaro, another member of my alliance had the same issue as me.
It’s showing they are replenished.
Another member lost 2 flags from a glitch with his internet on his phone.

No one has access to my account so unless it has been hacked which I highly doubt.

Interesting, this is the first time I hear a case like this… @zephyr1 @Garanwyn


Seems worth contacting Support about, so they can check the logs and investigate more.

@Tazman if you haven’t already, I suggest submitting a ticket to Support with your screenshots and info. You can link them to this thread too.


King of the North had a bug a few wars back where a clean was awarded full points. That’s all I can think of. Nothing where multiple attacks registered after only one physical attack.


Really appreciate the help everyone. Will send a support ticket in the morning.


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