Current war issue


I am Joy in the Dark Skies alliance. I have been studying hard how to choose opponents and am confident in my hero’s capabilities and weaknesses. My defense team is 3450+ and the opponent I fought is 3412. I also looked at their troops and we were matched in such a way I knew it was a fairly easy take down for me.

I used all my flags and still barely even dented it! That cannot be correct. All before anyone used the boost too. Went into our discussions and a team member Adhao also had the same results with their top heroes.

What is happening? There has to be a glitch because it is not just myself dealing with the same issue. I am completely good with a fair fight or match - but 0, 9, and 2 for a team my first heroes normally take out daily is beyond ridiculous.


Uploading… Destro is the team and the next you can see my 3 scores.



Three people in our alliance mentioned this same issue as well. Evenly matched opponents, going in with their strongest teams, and zero or only 1 pt.


Perhaps , you could show detail of Daestro defense team, heroes and troops , I could only see Scarlett.


My boyfriend has over a 4000 team power and he has to fight way below him to take anyone out and sometimes still doesn’t do it. If it is a raid he takes out them and more. Anther person in our alliance tried this time in the war and didn’t take out one person and she is the top player. Hits were not counting for some and I am sure it was the same for the other people also. We won but don’t understand why the hits didn’t count this time


a rainbow 5 color team thatbhas a lot of average and slow heroes is susceptible to getting board spread - where you don’t get more than 1-2 matches of the same color for awhile. this leads to you not firing any specials. I go through stretches like that on my alt when i raid rainbow with delilah azlar isarnia sartana gregorian.



Here is my team:


I get that I won’t win every match - Yada yada - but all 3 flags with all my strongest - this is the type of team I am used to going up against and I had create tiles. On any normal day the other team would have been out within moments with my tiles and all. But what was crazier was several teammates went up against them and their teams are much stronger than mine - and nope. It took 3 or 4 team members at them with 0-a few points only before someone finally took that one out.

If it was a different member on his team I can understand - but this just did not make sense. It continued like this with more than a few of us in battles. Needless to say we lost and the battles were short and meaningless. Kinda takes the fun out when there is no hope or challenge or even battle. Disappointing really.


Same issue. An evenly matched team should make a dent in the health of the opposing heroes. But when there is nothing at all and your strongest team doesn’t even scratch any surface, it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t seem like anyone is trying to answer this. And no, devs and mods, my team mate got knock out before the Enemy Aid even kicked in.
BTW @cJoy, try color stacking instead of rainbow offenses. Anchor does it, I’ve tried it, and it really works.


I have had it happen in 3 wars now. This time I had several 0’s against a 2900 powers and 6-7 star team. Normally most my top teams would take them out in one go. Nope. Has not been addressed at all.


This issue is recurrent and being reported by several players in our alliance.
Very experienced players who have consistent raid victory’s find that the same teams are failing in war against far weaker opponents. This has to be looked into as it is affecting victory rates and very disheartening for those players who take the time to build their teams without their true power being accurately reflected. Who wants to hit with their best teams if they can’t see results? We are very glad to hear that we aren’t the only ones suffering this frustration - but now what is going to be done to rectify it?


It’s good to hear that there are others out there experiencing this - hopefully some action will be taken. It is beyond frustrating