Current War: Death Stops Cascade?

Just curious, as I’ve never seen it before, but I had one hero left that had poison DoT affecting him. I saw a cascade and made what I thought would be a spectacular last chance “death cry” tile move to hopefully get more tile damage via cascade, BUT upon firing the DoT applied and even though the first move went AND should’ve triggered the cascade, my hero died and the tiles stopped after the first move. I didn’t get a pic because it happened so fast, but the cascade was there.

Any reason the tiles didn’t resolve to the end of the cascade? I know my player died, but typically the move completes before ending the battle. Or so I thought. Maybe I’m wrong.

Are you sure your hero died of the DoT and not from counterattack?

For example, if your last hero was Joon and yellow tiles hit Elena, Joon would die immediately.


Not entirely sure, but good point. Still, wouldn’t your last hero’s dying move on the board be worthy of going to completion regardless? :grinning:

Thanks for the comment.

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