Current State of Affairs

Long time player since early 2018… Am I the only person who honestly thinks this game is beyond terrible right now? I play bc of my guild, but I honestly hate the game at this point. Am I the only one??


Oh no, i wouldn’t think so. I for one struggle too. This addiction of mine is just beyond ridiculous in regards how frustrating the many issues became since 2018. I’ve been with it since too, it is a hard one to stop entirely, but sure the game itself does help not to enjoy it for a moment anymore.


I don’t feel the same way but many others do. I enjoy playing the game.


No. I stay because of my alliance as well, but hate it. Have spent too much money to quit, but not enough to compete, it seems. I stopped doing tournaments, PoV and most quests.

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You’re definitelly not alone. I bet there’s lots and lots of long time players (me included) that only play because of addiction, while hating the game. It’s not possible to not hate a thing that brings up this kind of negative emotions, every other day. Everyone tries to justify their addiction in front of the others (but not really, mostly, admitting or not, we’re trying to justify it to ourselves), using excuses as I love my alliance, I invested too much, I recently lost someone (my cat) and the game is filling the void, open list pending… but deep down we know we’re all match three junkies, keen on an elaborate version of Kandy Crush…


I understand how players sometimes feel about the game currently.
And I truly empathise…
I honestly think that the direction the game is going means that it’s losing its “shine” for many.
But I still find lots of stuff in the game both fun and entertaining and I enjoy my alliance and the forum stuff….
To be fair when I get to the point that the game is no longer fun and I begin to feel that I hate it - then at that point I will feed away my roster and retire gracefully….
Life is after all too short …


There are worse out there. Many spent a fortune but still score in the low hundreds in war and couldnt get any meaningful ranking during event. IMO those players are worse off

I’m enjoying the game. I like the tower, the challenge events… Atlantis is emotionally exhausting… But no biggy.

I spent too much, i quit my alliance, and yet Im still here.

Leaving the alliance takes the pressure off - but i really don’t want to start over in another game.

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It’s atrocious. The avalanching power creep has wrecked high level, competitive gameplay. Matches are decided almost entirely by the roll of the dice on the opening board and by the luck of the first two or three tile shifts—and that’s without calculating the monetary investment that’s necessary to even hope to exist without the highest tier of play. If you’re not spending, and aren’t spending RIGHT NOW, then you haven’t got much more than a prayer of competing among the top alliances nor for anything close to the top spots in any aspect of the game.

The power creep not only hurts free to play or cheap to play players, who have always had an uphill climb, but it also craps on players who’ve invested not just time, but considerable amounts of money on the game. Players who built strong decks of heroes in the first few years of the game find their heroes now all but useless. Heroes that were once powerhouses—from Ares to Guinevere to Telluria—are absurdly weak compared to the heroes that’ve been released in the last year. And that’s saying nothing of the Boss Wolves and Captain Kestrels and Atmoses, who’ve felt grossly underwhelming from the start.

The greed that’s fueled this urge to release more and more powerful heroes has ruined gameplay, demoralized players who’ve loved the game, and turned every log-in into a reminder of what the game has largely become.

It sucks. There are things they could do to reverse the tide, to stabilize and balance some of the gameplay, but there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of desire to really do so.


I play now because I like the wars, even that is starting to get boring with purple tanks all the time. The towers are not difficult but annoying with the amount of time they take but I do them because they are a good source of emblems.

The thing the I find the most frustrating besides summons cost is the lack of ability to earn aethers without paying. 4 guaranteed 5s ones a month and average 1 a month from tournies and war and there are 30+ available for sale. They really need to add them to chests, titans and mv.

I play in the top 50 level right now, I’ll spend some for summons and can go a few months without getting anything good. I see that as the biggest source of frustration and burnout from those who quit in the past year who are moderate spenders. Looking at the cost and what you get in return will probably ultimately lead to me quitting. I could buy 2 or 3 console games for what it cost to maybe get 1 good character in this game.


What did you find enjoyable in the game before and has changed? There’s a lot of different aspects to the game and maybe just focus on the things you find most enjoyable. Titan hits, challenge scores, tournaments, raids, the storylines (haha)