Current rewards for Rare Wanted Missions


Has anyone compiled an up-to-date list of the rewards being offered for the Rare Wanted Missions? I do not know if they vary or if their rewards are consistent. If they are consistent, someone must have put a list together.



You can get a screenshot now of Morlovia if you want to begin the compilation. Trap tools and royal tabards!

I have already killed it. Was level 4 trap tools and midnight roots and level 5 Royal Tabard and Orichalcum nuggets? I cannot see the rewards after killing it. I will begin a list…

Here’s a screenshot from my partially finished Morlovia. Sorry I hit the 1st two already.

Thanks. I am only interested in the Last three anyway. I suppose I will post the completed list when I have them all.

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3* and 4* ascension items of the respective colors for the 4th/5th stage.

Shrikewood: shield - tonics
Shiloh Desert: orb - dards
Morlovia: traps - tabards
Frostmarch: cape - scopes
Mount Umber - blades - rings

Then you have the two Farholme Pass, that gives you Compass or Gloves, Tome or Damascus blade.

Finally, some good rare not ascension items quests, like recruits II (possibility to get a troop coin) and rare gems (3-6-9 gems).