Current Hero Roster Sorting [Working as Designed, see links for proposed changes]

I have a problem with the current hero roster sorting. When I sort by power, element, and name the heroes that are part of any of my teams are not sorted with the rest but remain on the top of the roster. This does not occur with the class sort. It is very frustrating to sort by element and not have all the heroes of a particular element grouped together, just those that aren’t part of a team. This forces me to scroll up and down to find a particular hero or to find all duplicates of a particular hero. Don’t say use name sort because it does the same. First image is the Roster for Class. Nice and ordered. Azlar is the beginning of Barbarian Class, Boril - Cleric, Melendor - Druid, Valen - Fighter. Notice that the team flag is above the heroes but the heroes are sorted by class.

Now look at the Rosters for Element, Name and Power. See how the heroes in teams are at the top regardless of element, Name or Power. It’s disconcerting to sort by power and find Belith listed above Azlar. Or to sort by name and find my two Banes separated by 6 other heroes of which 4 do not even start with B. If heroes can be sorted by class and they are divided by class even when they are on a team, then they can be properly sorted by power, name, and element even when they are on a team. Please fix this.

Unfortunately it’s always been that way. The sorting by Class, which was just recently added, is the first time any of the sorts didn’t keep heroes on teams at the top.

Others have lamented this too, and you can vote/comment in support of changing it in these threads:

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I wasn’t sure just where to put this as I hadn’t come accross the first thread which is exactly what I was looking for. I found the other two threads, read them and they just didn’t fit. I assumed my issue was a matter of the first 3 sorts were original and the class sort was new. My point being that If it could be done withthe class sort it could be changed for the others.

Thank you for the response and information. I will participate in the first thread you suggested. Do you close my thread or do I? I don’t see any reason to keep mme open.

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I don’t think you can close your own threads actually, but I can take care of it now. :slight_smile:

Glad that first link was what you’re looking for!

And I agree, the roster sorting needs serious improvements. The grouping issues for teams are one of many issues I wish they’d improve…

Closing per request of OP. Conversation continuing in Give hero sorting a switch for pulling teams out

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