Current Fated summon best pick

:joy::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl::joy:yeah, unless you got a healer who cleanses first then you F’d

Will put that into consideration too, thanks🙏

I think eventually I’ll be left to choose between those two, Frida and Frigg. At the moment I’m leaning more towards Frigg

Aragorn God is absolutely right!
Frida and Frigg are the best heroes of this bunch, and Sargasso has a purpose against the newer healers. If you have ever faced a a team composed of an Aramis tank with Hathor of Cleo flank, you will see that its difficult to deal more damage rhan the opponent can heal. Especially if the opponent has Ailment protection, so you can not apply a defdown or edd. A healing block can help you a lot. I use Vanda, c1.Elkanen, c.Rana and soon Bay Yeong (work in progress) for this. In our wars (top100 vicinity) we meet at least some ten out of 30 teams composed this way.
If I manage to get to three pulls from this SE, Sargasso is definitely a contender for this pull.

Happy gaming


Indeed it could be an interesting use of this guy. At least against Granny tanks I can see it work. If he gets lucky and Granny waits for charge 3 to start he could get ahead of her or if she fires early he can at least block future healing after that when she starts firing every other turn because of low health…

Against Aramis/Hathor etc not so much. After all the whole point is that they block ailments, so Sargasso won´t be doing his thing either and at avg speed he´s not very likely to fire before the protection is up. Chances are better to get through with fast speed damage. If you don´t well then Sargasso wouldn´t have helped either. And as the stats stand Aramis would nearly OS Sargasso, unless you use serious resources on him.
I find mana stealing a somewhat decent option, if you get your heroes charged too late and Aramis fires at least they still do what they do, because they don´t rely on ailments. Something like R&N for example. That way you can a least slow down later skill activations.

Anyway in this FS round anything that has a little niche of it´s own, no matter how small, moves up the queue quite quickly :D!


I think you have some really good heros in your arsenal already. My war defense with dark tanks would be:
Archie, bubbles, 2xc rigard, R&N, 2xc Li Xiu. (Not necessarily that order/format)
As for a dark from FS if your close and can’t wait for morlovia. I just a good hard look and tbh I might chose a different color.

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Thank you so much for your input🙏

I’ve been convinced to go for Frigg by people’s inputs here😅.
Otherwise C2 Rigard is at max, 2LB. Will soon level the other costume for the costume bonus , Rigard has been really great for me as a dark. I guess I’ll just have to work with this for now


Go with Frigg. She’s the best of that batch. Forget Sargasso.

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Thank you dear🙏. Frigg it s

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Skedo, one 5* is never enough - you need variety in terms of mana speed, to begin with - and the game might give you 3 slow heroes of one colour etc. At least in the first couple of years max one copy - Horghall looks like a horrible hero, but will shine in VF wars

I have been playing for 4 1/2 years and am always maxing a hero. I have given quite a few of the ones i maxed to SE and some were bad mistakes. I have on average 10 heroes of every colour with the exception of blue. I got Milena when she came out and then nothing in blue until Misty joined my roster.

For FS: most of the current heroes have bad stats, so check their survivability carefully.

What about Baldur? Any thoughts?

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