Current event challenge is BS

This current event challenge is load of BS. It’s obviously geared for the strongest players leaving us beginners out. There should be three levels of play based on your team strength: novice, intermediate and expert. It wouldn’t be that difficult however would require the slightest bit of effort on the programmers.

there are 3 levels - rare epic legendary wih ascsending difficulty.

when i was a beginner, the map levels provided a sufficient challenge to keep my interest.
Now 23-11 is not a challenge. It is my understanding that the events are geared towards veteran players. Don’t be discourage that you need to use items to finish. There are guides on how to charge up specials by “ghosting” to give yourself the best chance for success.

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Where can I find those guides?

its a frustration for new players like myself to complete the first tier. That’s supposed to be for new players with tier 2 and 3 three being for intermediate and veteran players.

The map is designed for newer players. The monthly events are more aimed at longer term players to continue to challenge them.
The names of the event tiers were actually changed because when the Rare tier was originally called ‘Beginner’ it misled newer players into thinking it was intended to be easy for new players. It isn’t. Completing the events is a consequence of and a reward for hard work and hero team building, not something that’s an immediate right of every player straight out of the box.


I depends what heroes and items u are using. I thought that there’s no chance in H3LL i could survive in EPIC challenge, and now i’m on level 7. Most of my 4* heroes are quite bad with only one ascension… i’ve managed to go this far thanks to my three strong, beautiful and bestest heroes Sonya, Merlin and Wu Kong.

Merlin and Wu are absolutely the best duo in this game at this moment…

So my advice is, get Wu Kong…! He’s annoying hero, but makes a huge difference.

This guy speaks the truth - the events were made for mid/late stage players from the get go - stupid labeling caused more frustration than it was worth. It sucks, but it’s not meant for new players. There’s a ton of other stuff that should be done with new folks that should keep it interesting.

And as an FYI, in beta, for grins, I used a team of partially leveled 3* with unleveled 2* troops and cleared Fables ‘rare’ tier. I cleared the first three stages with a 2* team unleveled. I suspect an element of playing events since they started allows some level of ‘skill’ in knowing how to complete events in terms of hero composition & items per specific level.