Current Costs?

I’m a little confused, so I’m asking those who know more.

Before the 1.12.1 update, I was under the impression that it took 6days to finish construction on TC20, and 7days for the research after that,

Seems construction is now 4days.
Has the research time changed also?
Anyone know the current cost of training a hero from a TC20?

I’m just trying to plan in advance.

Any thoughts and comments are always welcome :slight_smile:

upgrade to TC20 from 19 has always been 4 days.


Then I might be mistaken (not the first time).
So, what is research time after that?. And costs?

Maybe I read an erroneous post somewhere?

_ eyes @Rook _

Research time: (7 days for level 20)

The costs:

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Thanks Kahree,

I am not certain if that info is current, but I shall certainly look at it.
Even if off, gives me a broad spectrum picture that I can draw from.

I appreciate it :slight_smile:

There’s been no evidence that build times or research times have changed. Legendary training is a 7 day research period.



I’m not trying to start a shitstorm.
Was just asking a question.


I was just answering your question. Didn’t realize it was one that was going to provoke a response…

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My bad, My ignorance.

Building and researching obviously have different times. No worries! As far as I know, the link Kahree provided is still correct, and “Dante always knows”. :wink:

No worries :slight_smile:

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