Currency used for game purchases

I want to change the currency used for game purchases. But can’t seem to figure it out.

I want to be charged the currency on my credit card, or from the country which I am living in.

For whatever the reason is. I don’t want to get charged 25% extra for a currency of country I did not live in for 20 years.

You may ask google or apple, since they handle it.

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As @Olmor said it’s not actually SGG that determines that but Apple/ Google

You need to change the settings in your Apple/ Google Play account.

If you’re unsure, best to contact Apple/Google support for guidance.

It is EP who tells me the pricing inside the app.

At the same time I made this topic. I made a bug report to Google as well.

I have already fiddled around around with all the Google play store settings. That did not work out.

It’s changed now into my registered country. Not sure what exactly did. Maybe deleting my payment option did it.

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