Currency Issue

Does anyone have any idea about changing the currency for purchasing deal in EP? I just moved overseas and dunno how to chg the currency. Thank you.

Surely it’s based on your address in your phone settings.

Or you Apple Pay configuration etc.

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Your account will move house with you when you relocate or travel abroad.

You can change your country setting temporarily to buy offers. Then revert back to current location.

from my understanding, the currency depends on the store “location”
for android phones, store location cant be easily changed. i tried to change it before on my tablet but there is no option for that
iOS you can try to change the store.
but it would be easier and less troubling to try and get the new currency in the long run

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You must change your registered location with Google/ apple store.

To do it you’ll probably also need a phone number in the country to confirm your change in address.

Also you’ll receive a freeze on location changes for a period of time (google is 12 months) to stop people chopping and changing to get better/ different currency deals.


I am using a debit foreign currency bank card and paying with foreign currency but the prices listed in-game are in my currency. Not sure if that helps