Currency has changed!

Slightly confused about this. My currency has always been in Canadian dollars. I live in Canada. After the last update it has changed to British pounds.

I’m from the UK but haven’t lived there in 3 years. I vacationed there at Christmas but this only happened today, with the new update.

What were you looking to purchase? I just checked mine for the store gem purchases (I’m also a Canadian) and it appears to be the the same Canadian price as in the past.

I was looking at VIP now that they have class emblems.

But it’s £4.99. The exchange rate doesn’t even work in my favour =(.

Gonna go check my Google play settings. Must be something wrong in there.

Mine still shows Canadian so hope that narrows down the problem for you.

Well at least I know it’s just me. So it’s a personal problem rather than a game one.


I had this happened while I was predominantly using USD and after vacationed in Taiwan a few months ago, the currency for the stores changed to the local currency and after coming back to the US, did not change back.

I have a feeling the same thing may have happened to you. You may have had a game update while you were vacationing in UK and used their Wi-Fi to do it. To try to resolve this, try logging out of your Google Play Store / iOS store while connected to your home Wi-Fi, then re-log in (do it for Facebook too if you would like), see if that helps change your currency back to Canadian dollars in the Shops.

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