Curious top 3 of each color/class

What’s does everyone think?

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These are only in what I know
Red - Gravemaker, Gravemaker and Queen of Hearts
Yellow - Drake Fong, Onatel, and Guinavere
Purple - Kageburado, Hel, and Ursena with Seshat a unknown
Green - Zeline (w/o panties), Alberich, Zeline (with panties), and Mother North
Blue - Ageir, King Arthur, and Ariel.
Those are just heroes I have used and know


It depends on what you’re using them for. Guin is excellent as defensive tank but less than stellar on offense. Conversely others are stellar on offense but you never see them in defense teams. For example, joon who I quite like on offense. Wu Kong is great against titans but so-so on offense for raids and lousy on defense. I think it would be hard to come up with a general top 3. I would say GM and Kage are both generally useful but I don’t have either.

About classes, there are heroes who really get benefit from their class, while there are others who don’t get much benefit from their class. From example:

Wizards: Isarnia and Zeline are AoE hitters, so the chanche of applying Jinx is a little bit increased and can be dangerous for a target struggling in HP, but Guinevere doesn’t do direct damage with her SS (but maybe Guin would be overpowered in another class)

Paladins: Ares and Aegir are usually used as tanks; the extra defense is useful to make them survive longer. I couldn’t think about a hero who doesn’t really suit as paladin.

Fighters: Reviving with 1 HP is almost nothing if hero’s special isn’t loaded, and that’s why I think BT and Delilah are excellent in this class. Anyway, revive is IMO a very good talent and I don’t know once again if there are heroes who don’t suit here. (Maybe the snipers, but there are enough snipers in the obvious option for them, which is ranger).

This question of yours could lead to a very interesting discussion (which could already exist in 1 or 2 of these endless posts). Mainly, emblems are used to correct weaknesses or improve already high ATK, DEF, or HP statistics, and talents come as an extra bonus, as they have a chance to activate, that depends on the style of each player, but a for a player who comes with the question “who gets the emblems” the answer could be “the one who gets more benefit from the talent”.

PD: paladins and rangers lack on healers (I’m almost sure about that, I don’t remember another heroes apart from Ares and Red Hood). plssss add some heroes to these classes!

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I don’t think the polar bear should be paladin. She doesn’t suit the archetype too well, and it is the most populated class, as well as 6 out of 9 of them being ice. I think she should have been a fighter, while Elena should have been paladin originally, although gingers are unholy.
I’m also on the fence about Falcon, but he is a good use of emblems in an otherwise pretty dull class.

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No, gingers are gorgeous.

Gingerist swine.

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Maybe Colen? He dies quite easily and charges slowly. It works out occasionally, but not as well as the healers.

hmmm I thought about him, but it made some sense for me when I used to find him often as tank around 1800 trophies, but I don’t find him a lot nowadays, so I don’t know, but yes the healers do it better than him

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