[Curiosity, Red Tape, Catch-22] Loot boxes- Not casino gambling, not collectible cards, not harmful?- Definitions of Gambling, Governments and Regulation [Yes, Yes, it is that kind of topic]

Well I certainly wasn’t complaining in this thread and I certainly don’t want to raise it here but you are pretty familiar with my views on lootboxes and how they encourage wallet dumps with little results, particularly the vulnerable

Lol so dont participate in lootboxes…

Mindblowing right?

Yeah but if you set a budget you dont get so angry when you have that set of bad spins. Everything comes back around and most people dont have all the heroes even some of the biggest spenders.

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It’s not that easy if you’ve worked with problem gamblers before. You and I have self control, some others don’t

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Lol yea best i leave this alone

I don’t do well with pity parties.

Bout as bad as sayin every bar in the world should be shut down too cause alcoholics have lack of self control and accountability… This playerbase really makes me facepalm sometimes


Copying my post from the other thread, not that I expect a response from Rigs

@Rigs… Back to your alcohol ban example

Bars and casinos have one thing in common: barriers to kids’ entry

If games with lootboxes implement the same barriers to kids’ entry that’s half of my argument that is gone and I could probably shut up and be relatively happy without pestering anyone

See below posts from someone who has worked with casino permits before

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Self control **and ** education. How many people cant figure out the basic statistics/odds of the summoning portal and what they actually mean.

The other problem are digital transactions and how people value $10 cash different than $10 spent online.

Sometimes it does take village, and I do admire your concern for those with addictions/poor impulse control.


Part of my problem is I will tell you if I think you are wrong even if the whole world sides with you and even if you are a big shot

It’s not really a good trait because it creates lots of conflict :joy:

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Everyone understands what you are saying but gambling isnt abnormal to kids. How many times you play a game of horse for a coke, or make prizes win you win at bingo? A person with a gambling problem needs help, a mature adult will set s budget and stick to it. The addiction part is out of no ones control but the person with the addiction to get help. You keep forcing your opinion down peoples throats and we have told you repeatedly we get it but it’s not our problem. I set a budget, stick to it, hope for the best. Was easy to replace some of my other activities with a game I enjoy and not miss doing those things or doing them less often.

If you get it you’d agree that at the very least a control should be in place for children. There is no such thing in place at the moment.

Adults can be debated another day given that most “should” know what they are doing.

Parents are responsible for putting these restrictions on children. Plus kids can buy google cards at the store with their allowance. Teaching the kids how to budget properly would be just as helpful as stopping it all together. You are putting the blame on companies when it’s the parents job to teach their children.

Both are to blame. Equally. The law is to blame too

So let’s blame Hershey’s for diabetes, porn for STD’s, fast food places for obesity, fritos lay for over weight kids who love doritos…where does this trend of blaming people stop? It’s the person with the problems job to realize they have a pro bbn lemme and get whatever help they need. Child or not if I knew at age 8 my son was gonna be a serial killer unless inget him some help, I’m gonna get him the help he needs, cause I’m his parent and that’s my job. As an adult if he chooses to become a serial killer that his choice. I do my part to teach, if what you are saying were true there would be no crime in any country. Stop with the white knighting, its unbecoming of someone with so much intelligence

I don’t really want to get involved, but I agree with Doctor Strange that control and education begins at home, with the parents. It’s the parents’ job to teach their kids, not farm out the responsibility to teachers and the government. The government can pass laws, yes, but laws are not really a solution.

In the end, it all comes down to an individual’s choice, and the basis for making his/her choices starts with his/her childhood education and experiences. Each of us has to take responsibility for our choices, always.

It all starts at home but the basis of society is held together by regulations.

You can’t seriously tell me that gambling and alcohol sectors shouldn’t have gotten involved with stopping minors from entering their domains @kwong79 @DoctorStrange

The law is there as a safety net, in cases when parents aren’t performing at their top condition or if they missed out - or if there are no parents. Parents are part of the solution but not the whole piece

Don’t like em, don’t play. Don’t want your kids to play? Don’t let em

If adults can’t do those 2 things, then well they’re morons that deserve to go broke. Consider it a life lesson.

Not all kids have parents, that’s why there are rules

In a perfect world you are right

Then that kid under 18 without parents is already dealing with more life issues than e&p. You are noble and I commend you but just like laws all of them are not agreed upon by everyone. It is up to a person to make choices for their own lives good or bad it’s their choice.

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And at least where I’m from, they have responsibility for those they serve. Serving an intoxicated person is against the law. Allow someone to get drunk and leave the bar and drive and you may find yourself involved in the legal system, which has happened more than once.

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Adjustments and clarifications to the first section, including eligibility to use the Service (age).

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