Curiosity on using bombs and gems

I looked for a while and could not find a answer. When using bombs and gems in battle do they do more damage matching the same colors vrs. just clicking on them? Btw is my terminology correct on calling it a gym?

(Edit: Looked up the correct terminology)

The correct term for it is a ‘Dragon Shield’ in order to not confuse it with the Gems you use to buy summons, etc, or the gem that is created when you match 5 (which is called a ‘Power Shard’).

I don’t believe that triggering a Shield by matching it will make a difference to the damage it deals versus clicking on it. There is no inherent advantage to matching it in itself. You’d only really do so if you want the colour of the matched tiles you are launching to line up with an enemy to give you some advantage such as launching against a hero that is weak to its colour (basically like any other match). The difference is that the Shield will then take another extra 2 tiles along for the ride.

The advantage of a Dragon Shield is obviously that you have the flexibility to trigger it in place without needing matching tiles, or to move it to act as a tile and trigger a match (if you prefer the position of the new match to triggering it in place).

I think that’s what you were getting at. Let me know if I’ve missed the mark. :slight_smile:

Happy gaming.


That was exactly what I need to know. So the “bomb” is a dragons shield and the “gym” is a power shard?

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