Cups should be given out by team power



Complaints about the trophy system are based on a fundamental misunderstanding of it. It is an ELO-type ranking system, pretty much the same as in tennis or chess (I’ve also recently seen them in basketball, baseball and football, though they’re less well known for those sports).

Trophies measure how successful you are compared to other players. If you want to win a lot of trophies from an encounter then you have to defeat someone who starts out with a lot more than you. If you choose to beat up on someone with a lot fewer trophies than you, then you should expect to win only a few trophies, and to lose many if you are defeated.

If you find that you are matched mostly with more powerful teams than you, then congratulations! This means that you are punching above your weight. Due to your skilful play you have a similar number of trophies as players with better teams than you.

If, by contrast, you find yourself regularly matched up against players with weaker teams than you, this means that you are bad at accumulating trophies. It indicates that you are a poor player. (Or don’t care about trophies, or deliberately choose to keep your trophy total low because of the advantages to having fewer trophies.)

This all seems very obvious to me. These ranking systems are ubiquitous. Are people generally unfamiliar with them?


No just the usual suspects. Thank you for the cogently written response.


That’s all understandable and fair

It’s just dumb when I get raided by teams with 400 team power above me and if I win against them I get 10 trophies and if I lose I lose 50


Because u look swaggy in your alliance with high trophies

If I had a full legends team I wouldn’t care but I don’t


Ok, i agree that we all have different goals, but why complain about cups?

I mean, your cups is based pretty much on your defence team. Stop.
You can be very good, quite good, bad or even suck, and still you stay around always on that “quantity” of cups. You can be somedays much higher, and someday much lower, but still always in that range that your defence team allow you to gain.

Be salty about this is just a nonsense to me.
As you say, you have to play a game because is fun, and not because you want something impossible.


If by defeating someone you will win 10 trophies and by losing to them you will lose 50, then they have significantly fewer trophies than you. The ranking system is telling you that you are better than them, so by defeating them you will improve your ranking hardly at all, but by losing you will suffer considerably.

Team power bears no relevance to any of this. If you find the situation ‘dumb’ then try being worse at the game. Your trophy total will fall and you will soon find yourself matched against less powerful teams.


Not what I said

I said getting raided by teams with a lot more team power and less trophies

At the end if i lose the revenge I lose around 80 trophies if I win I still lose around 40 trophies


I’m afraid that is what you said:

So I still do not understand what you think is ‘dumb’. Yes, if a player with significantly fewer trophies than you defeats you, then they will win many trophies (say, 40). If they still have significantly fewer trophies than you when you have a chance to take revenge, then you stand to win only a few (say, 10) and to lose many (say, 40).

If this bothers you then the solution is simple. Don’t attempt revenge against weak players.

Again, though, team power is irrelevant.


Basically Denys might be getting hit by cup-dropping dudes on their stompy way back up. Yes, it’s dumb, yes, it’s frustrating, but the majority of players around here seem to approve of that strategy so it will not change. The only way for that to stop while preserving a normal ELO-based rating is to give value to the trophy score. That’s all there is to it.


I had a lot of fun defeating stronger players and lost it all over night when I was offline. And it only made a change when my defense grew stronger.
That was predictable and I agree that it makes no sense to be salty about it.


speaking of beating good teams


And my best advice is never to attack or revenge anyone that only gives 10-15 cups unless you don’t care about it or are very sure to win.
If you want to keep up and gain cups and only have a small risk of loosing cups you have to go for 35+ no matter the power of the team.


Nah, that’s not what’s happening here. Cup-dropping dudes are a drop in the bucket, literally. There just aren’t all that many for all that they’re all over chat, and these forums, and in general are fairly public figures in the community.

Over the last month, between two accounts, I’ve rolled a grand total of 3 cup droppers (yes, I do casually keep track).

The issue is Denys is well above his natural cup ranking: if you’re at 2200 cups with anything less than full 70’s, you’re going to get smacked around… higher than that as was posted, well, it’s just worse. 60’s is right around 1400-1500 probably natural, plus/minus maybe 300 for hero lineup and phase of the moon among other things.

Ultimately there really isn’t anything to see here: once player hits a peak where there wins are 50/50 (within reason) then progression further isn’t really likely. With Denys that’s at 2200 roughly, with my alt it’s around 2300-2400 apparently, and my main can now get up to 2800.

Someone at their peak cups, not winning every single raid, and having trouble keeping their trophies: that’s functional ladder ranking system.

Working as intended.


I usually lose around 200 trophies a night lmao


My vote to give a meaning to trophies is to give a tier to raid’s chest rewards and add a new “summon” token:

over 1000 trophy
1 Daily summon token guaranteed

over 1500 trophy
1 Daily summon token guaranteed (10% chance to get a Epic Hero summon token)

over 2000 trophy
1 Daily summon token guaranteed (15% Epic Hero summon token, 10% Epic troop summon token)

over 2500 trophy
1 Ascension token + 1 Daily summon token guaranteed (20% Epic Hero summon token, 10% Epic troop summon token)

Where the ascension token wil work as a ascension pack pull (for one item) and the Epic Hero/Troop will have a chance to replace the Daily summon token.
The chest could have the tier changed by the current trophy level when the player will open it and not when it’ll be completed.

Also giving some flat resource on win could be a good thing for low level players.


1 night


Also all of their team power was a lot higher than mine


Hero composition and luck also play a part early on in raiding ability. my main very early on got grimm richard BT caedmon chao melendor tibertus. That was a much different experience raiding than my alt which has boril kiril li xiu lil john rigard melendor kasshrek and a second lil john and boril.


What’s the point of 2 accounts lol?


One hour.

The only thing that is different is your surprise at this :).

Same issue as you, team power below the cup ranking I was sitting at: 3365 in my case and getting hit by the same range as you given our respective cup values.