Cups should be given out by team power

Pretty tired of the trophy system tbh

It’s not even based on the strategy you have or how good you are it’s mostly on how much money you spend on the game / how much time you put into it

I’ve got a barely 3200 team with 2200-2300 trophies, and I vs teams with 3500 team power with all legends and if I lose I lose 50 trophies

From what I understand, you will only face opponents who are between 300 cups above or below you. If you are sitting at 1800 cups, your lowest opponent will have 1500 cups and the highest will be 2100. This is all regardless of team strength.

There are a couple things that I look for when I’m looking to raid.

  1. I want to win 38 or more cups. This gives me a positive win/loss ratio. I win, I win a lot. I lose, I lose a little.

  2. If they meet my cup requirement, but are 250 team strength above me… pass. This just reduces bad odds.

  3. If they are more than 250 points team strength below me, and I could win 20 plus cups, attack. Generally should be an easy win, but sometimes you will get burned.

I hope this helps.


What are your cups, what you mentioned varies for different trophies

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I float around 2300. So my plus or minus 300 would put me at fighting opponents w/ 2000 - 2600 cups.

I don’t understand how what I said would vary.

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Alright and what is your team power

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Exactly my point, lowest power teams I see at 2200-2300 trophies are 3400 maxxed 4 stars so every raid is a challenge

That’s how the system is designed though.

This is the #100 player in the world. Do you feel that you should be able to come close to winning against him?

The more powerful teams are going to be able to collect more trophies, pure and simple. Until you get stronger, you won’t be able to compete against those who have the higher trophies.

I hope this helps your understanding.


So I use raids basically for farming ham and iron. I’ll put up a defense team that hovers around 1400 cups because I’ve found that there’s a lot of people in this range that have 20k+ resources sitting around. I only raid people with high resources which tend to be players that haven’t logged on for days.

My team that I use for raiding is about 3700, so I easily win the revenge/raid. This also helps to easily fill up the Hero chests.

Every now and then I’ll switch to a high power team to see where I “fit” in the ranks, but since I realized cups are relatively useless, I now use the whole system as a resource to advance in more useful aspects of the game.


Yeah lmao you’d think the higher trophies people would have more resources but it’s exaclty the opposite

I remember when I was around 1200 trophies I’d find lots of people with 50k storage outposts

Yeah it’s just pretty insane

Before if u went from 1400 trophies to 1700 it wouldn’t be much of a difference in oponents but at 2300 trophies if u jumped 300 ur doomed

right now I’m around 2500 trophies and the raids are a challenge. It really makes me strategize my team and strategy in order to win in 3 chances, especially against teams of 3800+. But I’ll throw in my 2/3* team several hours before the chest activates

Still don’t understand why all of you put all this effort in cups.
From my point of view, collecting trophies have sense if you compete for 1st position.

Otherwise be 1000 or 10000 don’t change absolutely anything, and complaining is a nonsense.


The best strategy I come across in raids is to use 5 1* yellow hero trainer on defense after collecting the resources, take 5 attacks, revenge 5 attacks and then put my strong defensive team to ward my resources. Low time/high profit battles and soo many attackers to pick, even attacks from who have to fill yellow chests.

I’ve to collect the trainers again cause I feed him to the mighty Wu Kong but soon I’ll return to my easy raid strategy, farming at 0 cups.

You don’t need trainer heroes. This is simply a cup dropping strategy that’s wildly prevalent in this game, as much as I think it’s lame. Just create some random fodder heroes in training camp lvl 1 and put them as your defense team. Same result as with trainer heroes.

I’ve tried with 5 Hikaru, Aife & co, i take far less attacks than keeping 5 hero traines, making you waste time waiting for this attack to revenge.

Can’t help about your thinking but as long having more cups don’t improve your situation chest filling speed > cups.

week defens team, dropp cups, easer team to attack use less food to find players that your strong attack team can take, faser fill up chest and finding resorses.

People have different goals in this game. Some like to raid and see a challenge in gaining cups for themselves or the alli to make better rank, some to make better Titan hits and event score and some to beat the bosses on the map or something else like gaining the most resources lowering cups.
It really doesn’t matter or have to be rational as long as people are having fun playing the game.
Personally I like the strategy of raiding most in this game and the challenge of trying to beat someone having a higher power.
I don’t complain when I not succeed but I think it’s more fun to win at offense than defense.
I agree with @JonSnow and I don’t think cups should be given out by the team power, I like that it depends on the effort you make in raiding and some luck and strategy too.


I would consider to go for it :rofl:

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