Cups for inactive players

With the new tournament, i checked my current ranking in raids. To check where should I expect to end, as I’m in the range of 2000-2200 cups. Right now 2049 cups, and placed in 264950 position. I know it has nothing to do with the Tournament, but if there are so many players above me it means that I probably won’t end in the upper 1%.

The tournament has about 1.000.000 players playing, based on my movements on the tier loots, i should end on the 10-25% or 25-50% range.
But i don’t know if the players above me are still playing.
Can a player stay in 2200-2400 cups without playing for several months? These players aren’t in the tournament for sure. But on raids? Are there forever?

When my cups drop to 2500 they stay there, even when I dont play for several days. At that cup amount people don’t attack me anymore, or they lose as much as they win so the cup amount balances out.

I don’t know anything about a filter for inactive players who really didn’t play for like months.

Pretty sure inactive accounts get purged entirely from the game after a certain period unless they are left in an alliance, just not sure how long for. Maybe a year.

There also seems to be an activity measure built into raid rolling too. I know I’ve been offline for a week before and when coming back I’ve been well above 2600 cups yet stop getting attacked after about 3 or 4 days inactivity.

I don’t know about inactive players, but don’t put a lot of stock in your cup position. Raid tournaments have restrictions (no 5* for this one) which will tend to level the playing field. My 2550 all 5* cup defense won’t help me in this tourney.

Ok, thanks.
So, it’s not easy to get a real number of active players above me.
We’ll see where do we land on the tournament. I won’t expect to be on top, but maybe it’s not imposible to get to the 10%