💘 Cupido - 5* Fire / Red from Season of Love

I knew it. When Black Knight was hit, he didn’t recover any health. I don’t think it’s a bug, though. The SS description clearly says “recover 20% health for the character on the opposing side with the lowest remaining HP.” If the taunter has the lowest HP, he/she will be healed.

I can certainly respect that the Mindless Heal gets redirected by the Taunt, but if the special gets redirected then so should the heal. That feels like common sense, and I’d say this is a bug.

This seems along the same line as the Bug Topic created about the heal being dodged because of an active dodge buff. Not identical obviously, but it is being treated as a how negative thing cast by the opponent would be. Will be interested to see how this is addressed

I use Cupido and Ludwig together a lot. Never notcied this happen for me. The mindless heal always goes to the hero on my team with the lowest health, regardless of who it is, unless everyone has boosted health.

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Same here… When i use Ludwig with Cupido, while his taunt is active, my other heroes don’t get healed

Same here… When i use Krampus with Cupido, while his taunt is active, don’t get healed