Cup system

I think cup system should be changed around if you’re in the top 100 I think you’re cut value should go down almost doesn’t seem right that you can have a couple people at 2500 cups attack you and your worth 50 cups I believe if you’re in the top hundred the value of the cups for killing you should go down which I believe would make the game more overall Fair for people that raid and would make it more challenging to be in a top 100

Wait a second. I’m not sure what you’re asking. Do you want the folks in the top 100 to be worth fewer cups if you attack them, or do you want them to win fewer cups if they attack you?

Exactly or maybe the cup system needs to be thought over more

So which is it? I’m confused

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I think option A, fewer cups for killing a top 100.
Wich doesn’t seems a good idea for me.

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It seems to me that the OP may not understand how cup awards are determined


Would you like coffee or tea? Yes.



This is my honest opinion about cups it should be 50/50 if you get 50 cups for killing me you should lose 50 cups for losing to me so whether it’s a 15 cup win it should still be a 15 cup loss and it’s up to that individual if they want to take a chance and fighting your team do either win 50 cups or lose 50 cups I think that would be fair these are only examples It could only be 15 cups to win but if you Revenge it should be only worth 15 cups not you attacked me get 50 cups I Revenge you I get 10 cups it’s stupid

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What I like about this game is everyone can be defeated maybe not by the same player. But someone has the hero pull to defeat your team. I do think, however, this game needs a rework of the cup system down the road sometime. I am fluctuating so far in the ranking system along with others in a single day that it makes no sense.

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