Cup dropping solution

I understand why the raiding nerf was made, and agree something must be done; however, what has been done is wrong.

The question which no one has answered is one I have not seen asked: what exactly is it the devs were/are trying to do?

Most are saying it is the game is growing too fast, and that stems from asset inflation. Okay, which assets?

From the lower level of platinum-tier to the bottom rung, it is resources which build bases and strengthen rosters. The higher ranked players seem (not there yet but paying attention) to be chasing mats through opening richer chests. If this is true, the nerf did not address the second possibility which hss created a true two tier game.

As an aside, the devs created this problem not by giving us the raiding sustem but by giving us the second builder. That beast needs to be fed, and raiding greatly increases that foodstock.

The only way I see any fairness in solving this problem at both levels, is through the chest-opening mechanic. If a players raid below their tier, penalize them.

The raid chest would stay the color of the lowest level raided, or that lower raid could gain resources but not add to the chest or both.

This is my suggestion to start dialogue.

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I’m not sure that (rare?) chests have been the source of oodles of goodies as much recently as in the past.

I’m actually encouraged that I keep seeing ascension mats from multiple locations. Still getting most from Titans, with a smattering from Mystic Vision, and the guaranteed two from Rare Quests, plus a few scattered elsewhere.

If there is a two-tiered system, it’s not being bricked in place by rare chests. My two cents. :wink:

My wife’s account has the VIP with the second builder and she has been able to keep up with everything with supplying the building with the right amount of materials without raids. Mostly because she is raided so much by players 600 points (on average) high than her and loses nearly every time.

She is at level 27 with her Stronghold at 17 and she is having no problems feeding the builders the supplies that are needed to utilize them. She bought the annual pass and with be done building before the pass is 6 months old.

But that is okay the dragon is really cool to have with the daily gems and golden tickets.

Possibly my concerns make me imprecise, Rook.

The change in how chests are treated would be put in place of the current change in raiding. The change has reduced resources available to lower tiers while, from what I have read, increasing those same resources to platinum tier.

This creates two levels in the game.

I am glad your wife is building away at a good rate; however, how many recruits is she running through her traing camps daily and is she keeping up with ascensions with only ham from her base?

My stronghold is 20 with enough storage that I am at 1.6 million hams and 2 million of iron as we speak. My tc20 is in research for 24 more hours. Stronghold is level 16. And, I have 120 days queued in tc12.

Given all of that, I will fall well back of my planned progress. The ascensions of one blue hero to 4^70, two yellow, two green and one dark to that same level, and either two red 4s or one red 5* are all going to be radically slowed for want of hams.

The watchtower would have been expanded along with production and storage from the bsse, but, again, plans required the then current flow of external resources to my storage. Nerfed. I am now planning month rather than weeks.

I would expect resources at lower levels to be less than at upper. I’m not following. :confused:

Republican? Heeheehee

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Best comment i have seen on the forums in quite some time. :joy:
Its like…Your poor so i expect you to stay poor so stay on your side of the street you hobo, us elitists have better things to do! :kissing_heart:

Thank you. Just so you know I did not mean offense to Rook who seems much nicer than what is implied.

Totally agree and understand, it just made me chuckle cause of the conversation i just had yesterday with someone at the workplace.

I plead the fifth on all political designations. I am Cat. :grin:

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